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The Vent: July 2

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Posted: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 5:12 am

“Obama has progressed from his ‘pie IN the sky’ campaign promises to ‘pie FROM the sky’ solar-energy proposals. Neither the promises nor the proposals are feasible or economically sound and will never be accomplished. With Obama, words are cheap, actions expensive and/or nonexistent.”

“The Congressional Budget Office says amnesty for undocumented workers would reduce the deficit by almost a trillion dollars over 20 years. That’s a no brainer. Shrinking government by doubling border guards, figuring that out is a brain teaser. I guess shrinking government is a myth that just echoes down the campaign trail.”

“Does Sen. Jeff Flake have a diversified college background? If not, perhaps that would explain some of the problems with which he has to deal with.”

“Paula Deen gets fired for admitting she used racial slurs in the past. What a bunch a bunch of bull. Why don’t we ask President Obama, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson the same question? Not while under oath, but while hooked up to a lie detector. Do you wanna bet on the outcome? Do you think they would be fired? No freak’n way! Yes, folks, racism is alive and well.”

“The press and the Food Network are crucifying Paula Deen for a comment she made over 30 years ago after being held up at gun point. Get real people!! The situation is being blown out of proportion by the press and the Food Network. This is old news and not that big of a deal, really! It sounds to me like the accuser of racism, Lisa Jackson, is just trying to get a lot of money out of Deen and her brother. President Obama has used negative words to describe Republicans. Talk show hosts have used derogatory words to describe Christians, Republicans, and Conservatives. Why are they still on the air? Because there is prejudice in reverse going on these days!”

“Paula Deen has once again fallen ‘victim’ after revealing she used the ‘N’ word in a confidential disposition when testifying to a robbery where she herself was the victim, 27 years ago. Now she has become a victim again as are we all in these times. Victims of corporate paranoia, perceived ACLU intimidation, political correctness, NSA monitoring, ongoing demands for diversity, and the list goes on. Our Forefathers are just shaking their heads.”

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