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The Vent - September 20

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Posted: Thursday, September 20, 2007 2:52 am | Updated: 6:43 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Why doesn’t Mesa start waking up and think about what’s going to happen to people around here with hospitals closing and everything? We don’t have no place to go. Gilbert’s hospital is overflowing now.”

“Ten years ago, Gilbert had a chance to land the state fairgrounds and the Town Council decided ‘not in my backyard.’ As it turns out, they are probably just as stupid as Scottsdale and Mesa were.”

“The town of Queen Creek’s new slogan, ‘One way in, one way out — slowly,’ is referring to their traffic plan. Once you’re here, you can’t leave. It’s gridlock for years.”

“You put in a story about the high impact fees for San Tan builders … It doesn’t crimp anybody. If the builders are going to build in San Tan, they are going to build no matter what the cost is because they are going to sell it even higher.”

“Traveling north on Arizona Avenue between Chandler (Boulevard) and Warner, and the speed limit signs say you’re going 10 to 15 mph in flashing (numbers) when all of the traffic is stopped …. How accurate is that?”

“A male illegal alien busts through a window, invades the bedroom of a 11-year-old boy, runs away afterward and that’s not consider a serious crime (Tribune, Wednesday)? Because of that, this illegal alien gets to go free on bail? I am astounded! This is wrong.”

“Just wondering why this (economic development director) William Jabjiniak applied for a position in Mesa city government if he can’t afford to move here.”

“Now that three developers have made a $25,000 down payment and committed to lots more for relocating costs, I wonder what the new economic director will do for them. Please don’t tell me they expect no favors and none were promised.”

“I don’t care if Williams Gateway is changed to D.B. Cooper International, as long as the city of Phoenix doesn’t collect landing fees for putting its name on it.”

“This is a message from the Tempe birds. We enjoy downtown Tempe but we also visit your beautiful Mesa Riverview golf course a couple of times a week. Nice water, nice shrubs, nice trees, and our cousin birds live there. So, please Mesa, vote ‘no’ on Waveyard.”

“Mike and Nancy want a plan for south Scottsdale. There already is one, and it’s called the Scottsdale General Plan. That plan is voter approved. Improve on that plan or, Mike and Nancy, please stay in your padded rooms.”

“Your paper put the nonstory of the Mesa Community College teacher and a potential fraud case that was really nothing on the front page. It made no sense. Then, there was a beautiful story about (Scottsdale Community College) being lauded in the “Nature” (journal) for their research and you’ve got it buried away. Shame on you for sensationalizing.”

“I’m a senior on a fixed income. I just received my tax bill. I owe $1,108.92, and $881.32 of this is for nothing but schools. And this outfit is trying to get us to pass another bond override? Are they crazy? Why can’t they live on their means? I have to live on a budget.”

“I don’t know when this school election is coming again to increase our taxes again. But I just got my property statement. I find it interesting that the total Scottsdale Unified bonds and Scottsdale Unified override, the percent(age) change from 2006 to 2007 was 116 percent more. Yet they want more. They are inept.”

“The Scottsdale school district must think they talking to a lot of people they think are extremely stupid. Anyone with any computer savvy at all knows a computer is only as smart as the person sitting behind, feeding it information.”

“What really amazed me was driving west on Shea Boulevard from Fountain Hills and I approached the sign that says, ‘Welcome to Scottsdale — Most Livable City.’ Right after I passed that sign, I noticed that there was just an unbelievable amount of trash littered along the highway … It might be the most livable, dirty city.”

“If the residents of north Scottsdale don’t want a fire station, why should we care? Let their houses and possessions burn down to ground, and then we can enjoy listening to them squeal about the slow response of the fire department.”

“I’m so tired of Scottsdale and their beautification of streets as well as their redos, over and over and over. Doesn’t make them safer or get the job done faster. We need good drainage and smooth surfaces, not pretty roads.”

“Glad to see the police are cracking down on excessive drinking at ASU games (Tribune, Wednesday). If a student would die over anything to do with drinking, then you would see their parents suing the college because it didn’t protect their children.”

“It’s interesting that ASU students walk around saying ‘We’re adults, we’re adults, treat us like adults.’ But then they act like children and, all of sudden, ‘You can’t treat us like that. We’re just kids.’”

“Most of the students at ASU are under 21. Look at all of the bars they allow around ASU. If that isn’t encouraging them, I don’t know what is.”

“If health care insurance is so important, how come I can’t deduct it from my taxes? Ask that of the Democrats.”

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