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The Vent - March 29

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Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2007 6:34 am | Updated: 7:06 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“The debacle at the Arizona vets home was predictable with director Pat Chorpenning using it as a job factory for his family. Now the governor looks like she’s doing the same thing with her legal family.”

“People seem genuinely surprised, or shocked, and outraged that the elderly home for the veterans has gotten into such disrepair. But it shouldn’t have surprised anybody, the way we treat our military and the way we treat our indigent population.”

“I, for one, would like to know what Concerned Citizens believe. It seems like their only focus is to run down Mormons and not allow them freedom of religion.”

“Seems like we have another spineless Democratic representative in Congress. (Rep. Harry) Mitchell voted for withdrawing troops from Iraq and then criticizes the bill. That doesn’t make sense. Make up your mind.”

“This is Harry Mitchell. I voted for the Iraq surrender plan at the same time I was against it.”

“Now if Bush vetoes that bill, he will be the one cutting off the funds for our troops.”

“What country would want the help of America after the gutless actions of a Democrat-controlled Congress? An ally is someone you can count on. Democrats are fair-weather friends.”

“I was angered by the K-9 representation of the Last Supper. The artist’s generosity toward the animal rescue agencies has lost all valor for me after disrespecting such a sacred image to all Christians.”

“Spell ‘dog’ backwards and see what you get.”

“To the venter who said we can’t do anything about rising gas prices, we can. We can get out of our vehicles, spend time when our families at home, walk down the street rather ride in our vehicles. That way, the supply will grow.”

“We need to have an investigative reporter check on why gasoline prices are so high. I bought a quart of oil today, and it was the same price as it was two years ago.”

“How could so much poison contaminate the (pet) food chain? Could this product have been used in human food products?”

“In response to the article on Monday about children in day care showing more aggression later in life, ‘ha’ to all of my old co-workers who tried to convince me that their kids were better off in day care. I knew I was right.”

“What price should the people pay for the Tillman incident? Mistakes are OK when we are discussing criminals and our education system, but not when it is our military. If anyone should get the benefit of the doubt, it should be the men and women of our military.”

“Gag, what was the Jumbles editor thinking (Wednesday), tilting the puzzle to one side? It doesn’t do for those with morning sickness, (who are) hung over or (have) old-age astigmatism. Gag.

“Like I said before, anger is not one of the seven deadly sins. It’s wrath. Wrath is different from anger.”

“Like a moth to a flame, every morning I’m drawn to The Vent, hoping to find some intelligent discourse. And each and every morning, that hope just gets burned.”

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