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The Vent: Nov. 1

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Posted: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 4:45 am

“To the Venter who thinks that Catholicism keeps its members in the dark about the tenets of the faith and that Catholics worship Mary and the saints as idols: Catholics only worship God alone, and they honor Mary and the saints.”

“Anyone that believes student loan relief will help the economy is an idiot. You wasted your time, and my money, on your education. Once you go down this road, funding of loans for education will dry up, the people working for the student loan companies will lose their jobs, schools will close, putting more people out of work and the country will go even deeper into debt.”

“The problem with the government is that the kind of corruption that we think only happens in other countries — Afghanistan, China, places in Africa — is happening here.”

“Let’s see if I got this right: Arizonans hate Mormons and Mexicans but they love Russell Pearce, who is a Mexican-hating Mormon. Arizonans, including Pearce, love Sheriff Joe Arpaio who hates Mexicans and is undeclared on Mormons although he loves Russell Pearce. This place is beginning to sound like a bad TV soap opera!”

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