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The Vent - October 2

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Posted: Tuesday, October 2, 2007 9:47 pm | Updated: 6:25 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Who is this person calling himself John McCain? The FBI should fingerprint him. He must be an imposter, because he’s 180 degrees different than the John McCain we have known for the last couple of decades.”

“Mesa schools want to change the crediting from two to three math credits for graduation. Who’s going to educate these kids and teach them that much math? They have a hard enough time now giving you change back after reading what the register tells them what to do.”

“Regarding the show ‘Jersey Boys’ that’s currently playing at Grady Gammage, parents need to be warned this is not a show for the family. The music and dancing are fabulous, but the story is often crude and the language is filthy … I sure wish I had been warned ahead of time. I probably would have skipped it.”

“Jaywalking is against the law. Who else but the police would be appropriate for arresting people for doing such?”

“I love the East Valley Voice talking about separating truth from fiction over church and state (Opinion 2, Sunday). Now, if we can just separate politics from the almighty dollar, maybe we can do some good.”

“Maybe the exact words ‘separation of church and state’ are not in the Constitution. But the phrase that no religion shall be recognized by the federal government is. I believe that this means religion shall have no influence on law.”

“They’re concerned about whether or not lethal injection is a humane way to put a criminal to death (Tribune, Saturday). But did that criminal consider whether or not the way he put his victim to death was humane?”

“All of this controversy over lethal injections is further proof of our indifference to the suffering of the victims and our senseless, maniacal concern for the feelings of the criminal.”

“Regarding your article in Perspective (Sunday), ‘Anchor baby,’ ridiculing Dan Rather by Mr. Tim Rutton. This goes to show you how powerful the military-industrial complex is. They can kill a president. They can get you into wars. They can manufacture armaments that are nothing but on paper. And they can ridicule newspeople and set ’em up.”

“I want to say that Dan Rather was the best newscaster that they had on CBS. He was right.”

“Your headline on A10 (Monday) talking about students’ loans and their debts could delay home purchases: well, that’s tough. You don’t think I got out of school and bought a home the next day, do you? That’s what wrong with today’s generation.”

“Contrary to what the venter says (Monday), Rush Limbaugh did not call American soldiers ‘phony.’ He was referring to a soldier who washed out of boot camp and became a anti-war activist.”

“And they are finding plenty of others that are phony soldiers making phony accusations. The war situation over there is doing just fine if we’d ever get the information straight through the news media.”

“The only phony soldiers are the people who cheerlead this war and then won’t sign up.”

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