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The Vent: December 27

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Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2007 11:54 pm | Updated: 6:27 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Looks like business as usual if you look for Rex Griswold or Claudia Walters to be the next mayor because they’ve already been there, done that and Mesa’s in a world of hurt. Scott Smith is the only answer.”

“The responses of the Mesa mayoral candidates to the immigration issue are inadequate. And I doubt that Scott Smith, a homebuilder, could ever have a rational discussion on immigration.”

“Let’s see, Rex Griswold had been on the (Mesa) City Council for five years or more, he’s been through several campaigns. But all of a sudden, he conveniently forgot the rules for campaign donations.”

“In the Mesa mayoral election, two of the three candidates have been involved in getting Mesa into the financial situation it’s in, arts centers, etc. We should vote for the candidate who had no hand in any of this.”

“Chandler’s mayor and City Council are quite the bargain, given their demonstrably low salaries.”

“So the Chandler mayor and City Council members want raises. They should be locked away instead in (Maricopa County Sheriff) Joe (Arpaio’s) Tent City. Chandler voters, make wise decisions the next time around.”

“The Chandler City Council is an embarrassment to the citizens by going along with Cactus Towing.”

“If I apply for (Martin) Sepulveda’s seat on the Chandler council, do I get the free cell phone, too?”

“There ain’t no justice. Mark Goudeau harms two people and gets 430 years in prison. Former Pinal County Manager Stanley Griffis harms 270,000 people and only gets 2½ years?”

“I’m sure that Dr. John D. Mason of Gilbert Hospital is a extremely nice man. But he honestly and truly looks like Kiefer Sutherland after hour 23.”

“Good morning, commuters! Now that you’re out of the bed, the nightmare continues as you try to travel in the vicinity of Ellsworth and Rittenhouse. Yes, the hell has just begun and no one’s going to take responsibility for it.”

“You print the most insignificant garbage in your newspaper, not just in the Vent but on the front pages as well. What do you have on page one (Thursday): county board approves fire district. You got anything about 20 veterans a day committing suicide? You got anything on the VA being inadequate here?”

“Toni Valenzuela from the Queen Creek council is a liar. Anybody who would believe she poked this (other councilwoman) and told her she had a ‘nice butt’ and she wished she had her butt (Tribune, Friday) is insane.”

“It’s obvious (Queen Creek) Councilwoman (Toni) Valenzuela’s butt is too big for her britches, and so is the rest of her. She ought to resign.”

“SRP must be held responsible for destroying Gilbert Road. They did not have to open those floodgates all the way. They could have done it more gradually.”

“I hope they get that (Gilbert) cop that made that illegal arrest on that Mexican citizen (Tribune, Saturday). That’s as racist as hell.”

“So, a Mexican citizen legally visiting Arizona was treated the way white U.S. citizens are treated when visiting Mexico. Only in Mexico, you can get off by bribing the cop. Here in Arizona, it’s a huge scandal.”

“So now Mesa Police Chief Gascón has gone from not enforcing our immigration laws to actually becoming an immigration attorney? I sure would like to see him working at things he does have jurisdiction over before he starts on things he doesn’t.”

“Regarding the Mesa police’s reluctance to check immigration status until illegals are jailed, let me say whatever happened to crime prevention? Don’t the police understand that crime prevention will result in less criminals to chase so their resources aren’t stretched so thin?”

“While their city continues to languish without Wi/Fi, Mesans not only wonder why but also when will city leaders recognize it’s the 21st century.”

“I’d like to make one thing perfectly clear. I’m a 10-year veteran Mesa school-district bus driver who has never had a major student issue on his bus. So if you’ve never driven a school bus, shut the hell up.”

“I for one would love to have Lowe’s in my backyard. I’m tired of having to drive clear over to Higley and the 60.”

“If we stop growth, we won’t need a transit plan, because Scottsdale will be a slum.”

“It just seems like the Scottsdale City Council doesn’t get it. They keep throwing away the taxpayers’ money on studying light rail and streetcars for Scottsdale Road. The people and the businesses don’t want light rail and streetcars there.”

“Morale among Scottsdale city employees has been pathetically low for five or six years, but the City Council is just getting around to doing something about it. It’s a pretty good measure of just how far behind the curve they are.”

“I see where a bouncer in a bar, who was 24 years old, was stabbed by a group of rowdies. Is the City Council going to enact hate-crime legislation to apply specifically to bouncers now?”

“I’m still trying to figure out Scottsdale Waterfront. Has Scottsdale fallen into the ocean? Or has the Colorado River changed direction?”

“I’m a 79-year-old woman with a back problem. I don’t think I should have to take my rake and push-broom out and clean up the street in front of my house and my driveway after the Scottsdale brush truck leaves. Don’t they carry push brooms? They usually leave a terrible mess.”

“It’s always sad when somebody’s house burns down, even in a gated community. What’s even sadder, though, is when I read that the homeowners association wouldn’t allow the media onto the community’s premises (Tribune, Thursday). What gives? Did they secede from the union, or do they just consider themselves a separate country?”

“Sure, Scottsdale never had shoot-’em-ups. But Scottsdale’s nickname is not the ‘West’s most Violent Western Town.’ Scottsdale had cowboys, ranches and an annual cattle drive down Scottsdale Road. The stagecoach stopped at what now is Greasewood Flats… Maybe the Tribune will stop mocking the nickname if we change it to ‘Scottsdale: The West’s Most Civilized Western Town’.”

“Scottsdale City Council may be the most underpaid in the Valley. But they don’t care. They’re just there for laughs anyway.”

“My neighborhood is being besieged by car break-ins, right here in north Scottsdale. If we pulled out a shotgun and shot one of them in the arm or the leg or something, oh my God, we’d be arrested right then. Instead, we’re supposed to sit there and let somebody rip us off and do damage to our car.”

“I’m just talking about the firing of the doctor over at the (Mayo) hospital. Men seem to think they should be the ones who don’t show anything when women give birth to babies and everybody sees it on the camera. I just want to say I think he was treated unfairly.”

“Could someone else other than the mayor work together with the car auction people, Craig Jackson, and see if they couldn’t finally get a contract established? It seems to be a roadblock there.”

“In fact, the dollar is not almighty. It’s quite sick at this time, and every other day of the year.”

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