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The Vent: April 10

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Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 10:31 am | Updated: 7:37 pm, Wed Apr 17, 2013.

“With a labor participation rate of 63.3 percent, have the Democrats turned America into a third world country or a leftist utopia? Pardon the redundancy.”

“So the president is taking a five percent pay cut to sympathize with sequester federal furloughs. Lovely. How about taking a 20 percent to 40 percent pay cut like the rest of us have?”

“this Saturday’s NASCAR race is now called the NRA Texas 500. Fans will want to arrive early for the pre-race show where NRA member Dick Cheney will give a demonstration of hunter safety.”

“Liberals say they just want gun control to save lives. Yet in Oregon they are trying to ban citizens from carrying guns in public buildings because of the mall shooting there, yet it was a armed citizen that stopped further carnage. IT’S ALL ABOUT THEIR AGENDA PEOPLE!”

“It seems to me that the epidemic of guns being used to kill people stems more from the following: Too many broken homes; decline of young people being taught morals: children being neglected; children being unsupervised for long periods of time; a lack of respect for life; teens being bullied; the younger generation not being taught to believe in a higher power; children not being taught to take responsibility for their actions and that there are consequences for their actions; poor examples of adults who lie and cheat; selfishness; the need for instant gratification; and the lack of natural affection; and NOT the guns themselves.”

“Dems called us crazy when we said Obama was after our guns. Now he is taking a major step explicitly towards that end. There is nothing about the bill in the Senate that would have given any additional protection to the children in Sandy Hook. As a supposed bill to “Increase Safety” this law makes no sense. As a step towards reducing the Second Amendment freedoms of millions of law abiding citizens it makes all the sense in the world. Obama’s end game can be seen in the New York bill that will not even allow inheritance of many hunting and self-defense weapons. This leaves the superior weapons in the hands of those that already break the law with evil intent and makes a criminal out of the average Joe that just wants to live free.”

“Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show”? What a great joke! I mean, how stupid is that? I hope Fallon will be getting some better writers as part of the deal. And moving the show back to New York is stupid, too. David Letterman owns New York. I think the real problem is that Fallon couldn’t compete with Craig Ferguson in the late, late time slot. Can’t wait to hear from Conan O’Brien on this one!”

“I hope President Obama’s budget includes getting mental health on medicare for those who can’t afford it. Maybe job creators with all of their interests off shore could show a little interest on shore and help pay for it. Otherwise 6 and 7 year olds may continue to pick up the tab. If we do these things the Second Amendment could be expanded to include belt fed sporting rifles, then all we would have to do is redefine insanity.”

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