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The Vent: February 20

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Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 10:58 pm | Updated: 11:05 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Thanks for your Sunday, Feb. 17, cover story regarding U of A’s rivalry with ASU. Only a narrow-minded, insecure institution would prevent another from advancing and succeeding. Hooray, Grady Gammage!”

“ASU, 50 years old, congratulations. And they are on their way back to being the Territorial Normal School at Tempe.”

“Of course, a birth certificate should be issued to an illegal baby (Our View, Sunday). It should clearly state that the baby is of foreign origin and not an American citizen. Does anyone have a problem with that?”

“OK, give the illegal baby a birth certificate before his whole family, including him, is deported.”

“To Rep. John Shadegg, he has no duty whatsoever to the other members of Congress. His duty lies with the constituents in his district. So tell him to forget about the letter that all of the other morons in Congress signed.”

“This governor doesn’t know how to balance the budget. Better get (Fife) Symington back in here. He did it.”

“It seems like most are puzzled by the rush of violent acts by our students and youth in general. It’s simple, the trickle-down theory in action. A war-monger government, plus violence-sponsoring populace, equals follow-the-leader youth.”

“To address Saturday’s venter who believes if the deranged user had no rifle or shotgun, he would have been armed with a broom, in other countries with no Second Amendment, they just make and use bombs.”

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people, people with guns.”

“Rock singer Bono wants the U.S. to give and give to other nations, but he hasn’t paid his income taxes. In other words, you give your money, but not (his).”

“No immunity for illegal eavesdroppers.”

“What a wonderful government we have. I went in to get my passport picture taken, and I was told that the government demands that I take off my cross and my earrings because it offends some people. What about offending the American citizens? Guess that’s not important.”

“How can ER medical directors say that if someone came in presenting heart attack symptoms would have to wait behind anyone (Tribune, Saturday)? When the ERs are having this much activity, there should be a triage unit at the door, directing those people who are not presenting flu symptoms to enter, and the rest to sign in and wait.”

“We live out in a small town east of the Valley. I’m so furious. A stupid neighbor came here from Texas and she had a huge saguaro chopped down. I just screamed when I saw the arms being chopped off.”

“We don’t put explosive devices on satellites going into space (Vent, Monday) for the simple reason that blowing them up in orbit would leave just tons of debris that are hazardous to other satellites, to the space shuttle, to the (International) Space Station.”

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