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The Vent - August 26

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Posted: Sunday, August 26, 2007 6:10 am | Updated: 6:39 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“That’s all right, Chandler (National). For two years in a row, you’ve made Arizona proud. Way to go, guys. Thanks again.”

“Losers in the Little League championship games are just that, losers, who show no respect for themselves. Shame on their parents for not teaching what sportsmanship is all about. Will those kids spit on their hands or hang their heads when they grow up, too?”

“I think the solution to the (Child Protective Services) problem is we ought to send all of those questionable decisions to the FISA court, because the Bush administration isn’t using (it).”

“When a high school student, 16 years old, goes into a Mesa bank to deposit the first pay check and he’s ignorant about the instruction to endorse the check, and walks out asking ‘what is an interest rate,’ that raises an important question — just what do teachers teach?”

“Congratulations to Michael Pollack for putting the wishes of his neighbors and goodwill over business profit by keeping the Tempe Cinemas open (Tribune Business, Thursday).”

“You need to make the print bigger. I think my eyes are getting worse but the doctor says it’s just the print getting smaller.”

“So Craig Outhier is unhappy about the anti-Mormon sentiments in ‘September Dawn’ (Get Out, Thursday). Why wasn’t he equally unhappy with the anti-Catholic movies such as ‘The DaVinci Code’ and others? In other words, it’s OK to knock the Catholic Church in movies, but not the Mormons.”

“(Rep.) Rick Renzi won’t seek re-election. You know, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And we’re firing ya, Rick; you didn’t quit.”

“Police and the company who makes the Taser gun have been told thousands and thousands of times, ‘Don’t use the guns.’ I don’t care if someone has a heart condition or not. A person’s body cannot take thousands of volts.”

“The Tribune claims to promote the growth and vitality of the community on one page, and runs an ad for cigars on the next. I’m confused. Could someone ... tell me how promoting unnecessary suffering and premature death in the individual promotes growth and vitality in the community?”

“It’s getting old watching the sexual dysfunction ads proclaiming ‘when the moment is right’. For women of substance, the moment is right with a credit card to shop ’til you drop.”

“We won’t ban all foods and drugs from China until they could be certified, yet we will not let drugs in from Canada. Something’s wrong.”

“This is for the venter who thinks there should be heat days to close schools, just as there are snow days. Obviously, you never experienced a snow day. A snow day means the roads are impassible. I don’t think that happens with sunshine.”

“We have rampant inflation in this country and it’s hurting average Americans. The notion by fed analysts that you would exclude food and energy prices from the calculation of inflation is absolutely ridiculous.”


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