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The Vent: Oct. 26

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Posted: Friday, October 26, 2012 8:33 am | Updated: 8:36 am, Wed Oct 31, 2012.

“The snowbirds are returning and so are the unkind, immature, and unrealistic comments by some East Valley residents. Age happens. Just look around at your grandparents.”

“Obama spends hundreds of millions of our worthless money on advertising, trying to demonize Mitt Romney, but he forgot one small problem: millions of people watching the debates and seeing that the ads were all lies and that Romney wasn’t at all like the Democrats portrayed. I can’t wait to see the results of the Nov. 6 election!”

“If you wonder how millions of Italians in the 1930s could support Mussolini and the same for millions of Germans supporting Hitler, look no further than the Democrat voters in America. Mussolini made the Italian trains run on time, Hitler built the autobahns (the first freeways) and Obama created Obamacare. Just like the Democrats, if you give a dog enough bones, he will love you forever.”

“Mitt Romney’s foreign policy is so much tougher than President Obama’s. He would have made bin Laden more dead and buried him in deeper water.”

“I wouldn’t give a hoot in the devil’s domain for Jeff Flake. Anyone who would obstruct a veterans jobs corp bill in time of war doesn’t warrant any respect. On Nov. 6 veterans should show him the same respect and obstruct his bid for a job, and for those on active duty, he’s got two faces and neither one has your back!”

“I am hearing way too much about voter suppression in (especially) Republican-led, battleground states. Now, we are hearing more about Nathan Sproul — from out here in Arizona — hired by the GOP to register voters in Florida, and then discarding the Democrat registrations. Apparently, he has done this before and was prosecuted for it. Considering this — and the fact that the electronic voting machines are owned by corporations that favor Romney, and — in fact — have ties to Bain — I worry about the security and accuracy of the vote count. What baffles me, though, is hearing so many GOP tea party supporters scream about the “sanctity of our Constitution.” Does that apply just to Republicans, or can we all play?”

“I for one am getting irritated over the crying of ‘foul’ re: the erroneous dates on Maricopa County’s Spanish version of election materials. There should be no reason for complaint if all the materials were in English as they should be, English being the language of the USA. When taking my test for U.S. naturalization, I was required to write and speak in English before an immigration examiner/commissioner even though I emigrated from an English-speaking country. Those requirements, along with the many others, to qualify for citizenship and the right to vote. And, upon registering to vote, produce my naturalization papers for verification. It seems the rules of our ‘democracy’ are becoming more and more un-American and slanted towards those who would like to govern under a socialist regime.”

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