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The Vent: Dec. 9

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Posted: Sunday, December 9, 2012 12:01 pm

“Did the Cronkite School honor Bob Costas as a sports caster or political commentator? The school should be embarrassed about his injecting his political opinions into sports.”

“If the hundreds of millions or closer to billions of dollars given to campaigns and super PACs would have been spent on improving the needs of this society instead of power grabs, the GOP may have fared better after the election. Now, when the Bush tax cuts expire, they will still be around for years, but known as the GOP epitaph.”

“The Bush tax cuts have to go. The greedy covet them as though they were a golden calf. The middle class embraced them for years as a gift but now see them as a Trojan horse that has breached the walls of our financial security.”

“Obama’s attempt at an additional power grab, unilateral ability to increase the debt ceiling, is not only unconstitutional, but after watching Morsi’s attempt at a power grab in Egypt, it’s perhaps a little unwise.”

“The federal government should pass a 90 percent tax on all lottery winners. It would help reduce the budget shortfall and the winners would still be ahead of their $1 or $2 investment.”

“Raising taxes on those that have the resources to hire people, invest in new businesses and grow their own businesses is like the pioneer that eats his seed corn. He will not have anything to grow next year. Obama intends to and is demanding to prevent the economic growth of our country by taking our seed capital so there’s little or nothing for next year. And he’ll get it done. His programs are set to make the 1930s look like the good times were here again and we will all be dependent on government control and regualtions. Depression by order.”

“The Republicans claiming that the president’s plan on fixing the budget issues isn’t serious need to remember that the American people are serious and they voted for the president’s plan, not the GOP plan.”

“Now let me get this straight. We have marijuana being sold in the states but federal law declares that it is illegal to sell marijuana for any reason. Obama has given green cards to illegal aliens up to age 30 but federal law declares that all aliens who have entered the U.S. illegally are to be deported. What the heck is going on? If we are not a nation of laws, then let’s save billions and billions of dollars and close all the courts and disband all law enforcement agencies and get rid of lawyers.”

“To the Venter who is a ‘vocal critic of the light rail’ but is now proudly ‘a cheerleader for the Metro,’ did you happen to witness all the slugs who copped a free ride on the system? I’ve watched many non-payers aboard who watched their arrivals at successive stations to detect police (who should never be enlisted to write tickets — let Metro Light Rail do its own policing) and just deboard to keep from getting caught. They merely climb on the next car for free. According to published Metro Light Rail accounts, the honest riders pay for only one-fourth of the cost of transportation, the taxpayers pay through the nose for the rest, including the freeloaders and sandbaggers who scam the system big-time.”

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