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The Vent: April 21

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Posted: Sunday, April 21, 2013 8:12 am

“Finally, honesty from the gun control crowd. Their endgame is confiscation of guns which will have to include elimination of the 2nd amendment.”

“President Obama blasts Senate Republicans for the Gun Control defeat and said his administration will take steps on its own without Congress. The Gun Control measures were trying to create tighter background checks, ban assault weapons and ban large-capacity ammunition magazines, but the defeat blocked gun reforms and gun elimination.”

“Waaaa waaaaa, our petulant President whined while calling the gun lobby liars, because the Senate handed him a stunning defeat on his efforts to take guns away from law abiding citizens. There is only one thing that needs to be said on his statement about lying. Takes one to know one!”

“Even if President Obama had tried to prevent the Boston Marathon bombing by declaring the area a bomb-free zone or make terrorists register their bombs and bomb making materials, those nasty Republicans probably would have stopped him anyway.”

“Why hasn’t the mental health issue been addressed? It’s the one thing all mass shootings have in common. Is it because life has become too complex in this land of laws, or is it because congress can’t figure out how to get the poor to pay for it, otherwise we would already have a blood from a turnip bill engineered to fail and sweep under the rug. God forbid ask those with all the money to help pay for a healthy society, so the easy way is to hide behind the 2nd amendment and bite the bullet.”

“So how long do you think it will take for some dumbacrat to propose a ban on pressure cookers and mail?”

“I’ve notice Flags every where lower at half mass during the week after the tragic bombings in Boston. I was driving by the Mormon Temple in Mesa on Wed. evening and noticed that the flag had not been lowered. Was it perhaps forgotten by mistake or is it against church policies to lower flags.”

“If you are one of those neighbors that park in the street all the time; you should think about how hard it is for your neighbors across the street to back out of their driveway without hitting your car. If you are the neighbor doing the backing up you should have the person parking in the street sign a paper that if you hit his car that you are not at fault. Did you ever watch a person that parks in the street all the time back out of their driveway? Let me tell you they take the whole street.”

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