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The Vent: Oct. 26

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Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 5:30 am

“I read about the No Kid Hungry Pledge. Well my wife and I took it 20 years ago for our 3 grand kids. Knowing our ex son in law would be a dead beat dad, he now owes $230,000. Way to go CPS! They don’t do their job, so us taxpayers pick up the tab.”

“What the heck is this ‘Jerry Springer’ sideshow going on with this little girl’s disappearance in Phoenix. Police investigations of this nature don’t use race or ethnicity as a criteria. Why all the dramatics and diva-show? It isn’t helping the investigation at all.”

“To the Venter who wondered why Mormons are ‘so privileged’ to have their own buildings right next to public schools: It’s because the Mormon church buys land right next to the church and builds their own building and pays their own teachers and doesn’t expect help from the government. It’s not funded by tax dollars.”

“Dolores, please talk to your pastor and ask your church to buy a house or land near the high school, build a classroom, find a teacher (a pastor, parent volunteers etc.) and have some religion classes. Come on Central Christian, Living Word Bible, City of Grace, or some other church, one of you is big enough to do it!”

“Great thoughts Dolores; you’ve said what many people think and believe. Worship as one wishes as long as it serves to strengthen one’s moral fiber and add support to one’s being. Catholicism isn’t much different; they too worship idols, (Virgin Mary/Saints), and the religion keeps the faithful in the dark about many aspects of the religion. As I was told in my youth when I asked why people worship, ‘It fulfills a need in many people of being wanted and a place to seek strength when the need exists.’ ”

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