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The Vent: April 16 || minimum wage; Supreme Court; taxes

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Posted: Wednesday, April 16, 2014 4:00 pm

“Read with amusement a letter about minimum wage. First of all, minimum wage was never meant to be, nor is it supposed to be a ‘living’ wage as he calls it. Secondly, he says raising it to this living wage will help the economy. Seriously? It would tank the economy. He doesn’t realize that raising minimum wage to his ‘living’ wage would require raising nearly everyone’s hourly rate. This would skyrocket unemployment, destroy small businesses and drown the economy.”

“Regarding the high court’s most recent campaign finance ruling: Perhaps they should be called the $upreme court.”

“Dear Koch Bros.: Now that you can donate all the dinero you wish, please send some my way. Like many members of Congress, I promise to do whatever you say and be a good little Koch-roach. Signed, Uncle Jimmie.”

“It was recently discovered that democrat Congressman Charles Rangel from New York hasn’t paid the bill on his office for over a year, sticking the taxpayers with it. when asked who is the blame without missing a beat he said Republicans!”

“President Obama backs down with a whimper when Putin sneezes but sends troops out against a Nevada cattle rancher. Another proud moment for America.”

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