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The Vent: January 17

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Posted: Thursday, January 17, 2008 8:04 pm | Updated: 11:41 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“I have two supposedly ‘green’ council people in Gilbert tell me that because people are too stupid to flush toilets is the reason we have auto-flush at Town Hall. The auto-flush just flushes and wastes and flushes and wastes. That is not green.”

“There’s no reason for the Gilbert police to investigate (officer) Chad Wright because the Tribune has already investigated it and come up with their conclusion.”

“So I go to this Gilbert library that everyone has been bragging about since I moved here, and (it’s) closed at 5 o’clock on a Friday night!”

“I’ve lived out in Queen Creek for four years. I am sitting on Ironwood Road on my way to work again for the hour it takes me to get down a 10-mile stretch of road. I sure wish somebody would do something about the construction out here and finish this project before they start another one, like they started Baseline Road.”

“Germann Road, west of Ellsworth, is the sorriest excuse for road repair I have ever seen. MCDOT or Queen Creek, or whoever will take responsibility, needs to get their money back.”

“Why is it the people who want to do great things for Mesa, like open a nightclub, don’t live in Mesa?”

“When are the citizens of my town of Mesa going to realize the only way to correct its fiscal problems is a property tax?”

“Look, Mesa people don’t want a property tax. Get it through your heads. Tighten your belts like the rest of us.”

“It’s almost like the city of Mesa would expect retired people on a fixed income to support a bond issue or tax issue, regardless of the purpose, when the city is giving a quarter of a million dollar bonus or more to every policeman and fireman after (25) years of service. Most of us don’t have this much money after a lifetime of work.”

“Did you know that Mesa has no (homeless) shelter for women? We have a homeless shelter for families and for men, but we have nothing for women. We can put statues that cost thousands of dollars up and down Main Street, and at the same time, we’ve got people sleeping on the streets.”

“Scottsdale school district had better wake up. Enrollment is dropping. They need to close a school in the south. Bond money never should have been used to repair all of those schools in the south.”

“Shame on you, Betty Drake, for your stand in not repealing the (sales) tax on food in Scottsdale. You are now on my do-not-vote-for list.”

“I wake up (Jan. 10) to big, huge, front-page headlines “In the Dark.” I thought the city had forgot to pay their electric bill. But no, I see three council members and the Tribune are still at it over charter officer evaluations. Get the drift. The average citizen doesn’t care.”

“Is councilman (Jim) Lane dishonest, confused or both? How can he talk for several minutes about how the council should be supporting the new policy on charter officer reviews and only minutes later, with no comment, flip-flop and vote no?”

“Scottsdale city officials certainly give the appearance of being corrupt. Why on earth would they risk the flak by buying 90-cent chocolates from (the wife of) a city employee (Tribune, Jan. 10)? Can’t they get the chocolate somewhere else?”

“There’s a lot of things that, for some reason, the north side of Scottsdale doesn’t like. There are some things we don’t like on the south side also. So they shouldn’t complain. We’re getting SkySong apartments and whatever, which we don’t want in that area, either.”

“People walking their dogs and the dogs are attacked by wild (javelinas), why don’t they carry a pitchfork with them?”

“Seeing as they can’t shoot the (javelinas) in the city for killing dogs, they should call 9-1-1 and let the cops shoot them.”

“I love the article in Saturday’s Opinion 2 by Gary Boyd. The city should hire him. He sounds like a genius to me.”

“Arizona Public Service got two raises within the last couple of months, and they are asking for another raise right now. The Arizona Corporation Commission certainly does a good job of representing APS. How about the people using the electricity? When do we come in?”

“It looks like the (Chandler) ex-K9 officer is owning up to his part in this. But why didn’t we hear about the other ones (before)?”

“The governor’s new plan for education will force teachers give to all students B’s.”

“Free tuition? There is no free tuition. I and all of the other taxpayers have to pay for free tuition. How ridiculous.”

“If Gov. Napolitano dropped her full-day baby sitting nonsense, i.e., kindergarten, she would have the money for more Child Protective Services caseworkers.”

“Pay attention, Arizona legislators, city councils and all local politicians. You have just been given the job of creating utopia Arizona in 2008 or ’09. And it’s almost possible, if you just quit the bickering.”

“Thank you, thank you, for the pictures and good information about our state legislators (Tribune, Sunday). You are dears.”

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