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The Vent: March 12

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Posted: Monday, March 12, 2007 3:35 am | Updated: 7:06 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Hallelujah! University (Drive) has finally been repaved. Thank you!”

“To all of the people wondering why Arizona does not have Daylight Savings Time: Do you really think that we need an extra hour of daylight here in the summer here? Come on.”

“Daylight savings is a ridiculous idea and a pain. Why would you want it here in Arizona?”

“A venter asks what does Arizona have against Daylight Savings Time. Maybe we like our clocks to give the correct time, not a time some people would like it to be.”

“One reason the governor might be in Iraq because most of our National Guard is over there. She might be curious (and ask), ‘What the hell are they doing over there’? ”

“Our governor will go anywhere she’s invited. This way she has an excuse not to do the work she’s supposed to be doing about taking care of our borders.”

“There must be something in the air in the Mideast. Our politicians fly to Iraq for a few days and are miraculously transformed into military experts.”

“ ‘Arrested migrants leave kids stranded’ (Tribune, Thursday)? Don’t you mean, ‘Parents’ incredibly poor choices leave kids stranded’?”

“I read in the paper (Friday) about a coyote’s truck ramming another truck full of illegal immigrants at I-10 and Warner Road. That is within two blocks, or a block, of a retirement community. Stop this illegal invasion of the borders, please!”

“In addition to facing congressional committees, should not the Army’s feckless medical corps generals also face court martial charges?”

“There’s no doubt history is in the making with the 2008 presidential race. We may elect either the first black president or the first woman president or the first Mormon president. Why not kill three birds with one stone and elect Gladys Knight president?”

“After one month in power, Gen. Petraeus figured out he did not know what he was talking about or deliberately misled Congress by saying he could do the job with just 21,500 additional troops in Iraq.”

“Why should they wait to get our troops out of Iraq by 2008? Why don’t do they just do it now? It ain’t going to make any difference. Only more are going to get killed.”

“The Bush taxes were across the board. If you paid taxes, you got a cut. If you didn’t see a dime from the cut, it’s because you paid no taxes, leaving the rich to pay your share.”

“The East Valley Tribune’s editorial on the (Waveyard) is a prime example of why the U.S. is next to last in civilized countries. We have no money for city services. We are in a drought. But none of this justifies not giving millions of dollars in corporate welfare.”

“I see in the paper that they want to ban showing videos in the (front seat) of the car. Why don’t they ban cell phones? They cause more accidents than anything else.”

“Woof, woof. You don’t want to be a dog in China right now. The poor guys grow up just to be killed just for being a pet dog. Who’s going to care for us and stick up for us? Woof.”

“At least Prickly City is accurate. Doonesbury is like reading a leftwing blog on the computer.”

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