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Vent: Dec. 9

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Posted: Friday, December 9, 2011 10:00 am

"All GOP candidates claim they want to, first and foremost, ‘secure the border.' They don't want to talk about, if elected, what they're going to do with the 11+ million illegals currently residing here. That's like Pelosi saying about Obamacare that ‘we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.' This is a legitimate concern and their response will affect how I vote in 2012."

"Didn't anyone find it a little ironic that the Rev. Jesse Jackson (net worth $10-$15 million) visited the ‘Occupy Phoenix' protesters in his custom-made $4,000 suit, $250 custom-made shirt, $400 custom-made shoes and gold watch worth thousands. It smacked of the French Revolution, ‘let them eat croissants' moment. Yet did TV reporters ask the Reverend if he flew coach, first class or private jet?"

"It is wrong to say vote

or die. Stupid people should not vote. Just because you watch MTV and some idiot has a great tag line, or you have reached your 18th birthday does not give you the credentials to vote. If you do not read the issues, or know what these people stand for, do not vote! That is one of the reasons we are in this mess to begin with!"

"Some are concerned that if Romney becomes President, he will be guided by the President of the Church Of Jesus Christ (of Latter-Day Saints) to direct the affairs of America. I assure all that cannot happen anymore than the Pope directed John F. Kennedy when he became President. The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) has a VERY strict policy to NEVER use the Church in any way when running for public office."

"People are getting all riled up about Gingrich and Cain, and their immoral behaviors; and well they should be. But my concern is about a greater immorality going on. One that few people acknowledge. That is the disloyalty that an office holder is showing to those he is supposed to represent. President Obama is not being true to the responsibilities he accepted when he was sworn into office. We, the people, are getting screwed over by his lack of leadership. I sure hope this is only a four-year affair!"

"Mark Kelly is gathering a lot of media coverage for himself in the name of his wife, Gabby Giffords, these days. Would anyone be surprised if it's he who will put himself up for election in her place as a Democratic congressional representative for southern Arizona?"

"The taxpayers have been made to give up millions of dollars to big business as ‘incentives' to move to Mesa and continues to this day. The deal was that they would provide jobs and collect sales taxes for their own profit for several years instead of transferring it to the City as other businesses are required to do. This has been a farce on the citizens for years. Where are the jobs that were promised? Where is the tax revenue that would be generated? Our jobless rate is no better than the national average. Has payback been going to the administration individuals that set up these deals instead of to the city general fund? This taxpayer with an inquiring mind would like to know."


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