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The Vent: Feb. 4

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Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2013 10:49 am

“Ben Arredondo violated the public trust to enhance his personal wealth and image in excess of the legal and moral limits. There are few lower than him in society, maybe only child molesters. Now his buddies, Democrats, act like he is a persecuted choir boy.”

“As a conservative residing in CD-9, I believe that all conservatives are being taxed without representation. How can I consider Sinema an avowed leftist as representing me or my values!”

“To say an AR-15, a Bushmaster or an AK-47 is not a military style assault rifle is asinine. It depends how you use it. If you put bomb racks, air to air missiles, and guns on a Boeing 747 is it still a passenger plane because it still has all of the seats?”

“The NRA says background checks wouldn’t do any good. So if Charles Manson were paroled today, tomorrow he could buy a Bushmaster anywhere a background check isn’t required. I think there are those high up at the NRA who should at least be on a mental watch list, even if they were it would still be possible for them to buy an assault rifle at a gun show.”

“According to the complete morons, I mean gun control nuts, there was no crime or murders until guns came along.”

“The problem with speaking truth to power is that power often doesn’t want to hear the truth.”

For those amigos looking for the path to citizenship I suggest the following: Drive south on I-10 until you reach Tucson. Bear right and merge on to I-19 and drive 70 miles to Nogales. Continue south till you reach Hermosillo — about 171 miles. Find the U.S. Consulate and get in line.”

“In response to the venter regarding pro-lifers becoming foster home and adoptive parents, I answer YES to both. We have been a foster home since 2007 and adopted the very first child we took in 2011. We have taken in six children in this time and while not all were easy, we would do it again. I hope this answers your question.”

“We are going to give de facto citizenship to millions of hispanics, mostly from Mexico. Yet we sent a Haitian back if they manage to get into the country. With Cubans we have the wet foot / dry foot rule. Our employers demand cheap labor so I propose that we sent ships to China and Africa and Haiti to bring 30 million of them here too. It’s only fair, otherwise we are discriminating in favor of hispanics. So let’s bring another 30 million cheap workers here to be abused by employers and paid below the minimum wage. Something tells me that if a lawmaker proposed, that the hispanics and La Raza would be burning the American Flag — again.”

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