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The Vent: February 15

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Posted: Friday, February 15, 2008 2:16 am | Updated: 11:48 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“I’m wondering if the Tribune intends to publish the actual presidential vote count so that those of us with IQs bigger than our belts can determine if the majority of Arizona Republicans actually want the great American war hero for president.”

“The 10 reasons that ultraconservatives list for disliking John McCain (Tribune, Saturday) are the very reasons I would support him. He’s a real man with honesty and integrity.”

“Perhaps it shouldn’t be up to McCain to make up to the conservatives. It should be up to the conservatives to make up to McCain. After all, he’s the closest thing to anything they believe in this election coming up.”

“If you’re happy with the rich controlling this country, including land developers, oil men and drug pushers, vote McCain, he’s your man.”

“By not voting, McCain can say, ‘Don’t blame me for how screwed up the Senate is.’ ”

“I have voted for no one but a Republican presidential candidate in 30 years. This November, I will not. I will vote for Hillary, for the simple reason she will be voted into office (and) she will screw up so bad in the four years that she is in office, that in 2012, I will vote for Mitt Romney and he will win.”

“Unfairly attack the Clintons? It’s impossible to unfairly attack the Clintons because the facts about the Clintons are always so much more egregious than what can be said.”

“Hang in there, Hillary supporters. Remember, John McCain changed his campaign manager and look where he is today.”

“John McCain, don’t get too cocky about your win in Arizona. You were the lesser of two evils for a lot of Republicans because they do not want to see Hillary Clinton win Arizona.”

“Sen. McCain may be too old and cranky, and Sen. Obama may be too idealistic and naive, but Hillary Clinton is just too plain scary.”

“I’ve got a solution for population control in Arizona. Let’s take anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton and send them back to where they came from. No true Arizonan would vote for her.”

“Mitt Romney, Steve Forbes and Ross Perot should learn one lesson, the presidency of the United States is not for sale to millionaires and billionaires.”

“The revisionist conservatives brag about Reagan. But Reagan wouldn’t have a chance to be elected. He was for comprehensive immigration reform. He raised taxes 13 times. Mr. Conservative wouldn’t be conservative enough for these right-wing zealots.”

“I don’t think it’s fair that delegates determine an election. Every vote should count.”

“On picking a candidate to support, this is pretty simple. Follow their record on votes, rules and behavior, then reread the U.S. Constitution and see how their history squares with it, and then vote without regard to what’s in it for you.”

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