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The Vent: March 31

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Posted: Sunday, March 31, 2013 9:21 am

“Mr. Basha used to be a neighbor of mine, although I did not know immediately know it. My son, about 13, came home one day from carousing in the neighborhood. I asked where he had been. He replied ‘we were at Eddie’s house playing tennis.’ You know where this story is headed. It was Eddie Basha. He was like that, a kind man who was for the kids. Needless to say, I did not mind my son going there to play tennis. R.I.P. Mr. Basha.”

“Love the way Chandler officials are gushing over how great a guy Basha was. But the eyesore which was the shopping center at McQueen and Pecos endures, and the City of Chandler had a hand in destroying it.”

“Eddie Basha would have made a great governor. He cared about and valued education, unlike the politicians who have control of this state now. I can’t imagine anyone will remember Eddie Basha as anyone other than a very, very nice, generous, and caring man who did a lot for others in his lifetime. RIP, Eddie.”

“Obama, you moron. We haven’t forgotten Newtown. We just came to realize that none of your programs make anyone safer. The Colorado laws are a laughing stock. They are unenforceable and, even if they weren’t, are only feel-good wastes of taxpayers’ hard earned dollars. That what this really is, another attempt by a criminal president to lift more money from our wallets.”

“In the ‘70’s we were told that marriage was an oppressive, sexist institution designed so one gender could be subjugated and abused by another. Now, we are being told that to deny this wondrous institution to gay couples is the civil rights sin of our time. I hope the liberals’ whiplash is covered under Obamacare.”

“Before the Great Recession, you had to commit a felony in order to lose your independence and everything you’ve ever worked for in your life. Now all you have to do is get laid-off.”

“We can expect a dramatic increase in the number of hit-and-run accidents. Why? Because marijuana effects wear off in 4 or 5 hours but the metabolites stay in a persons body for up to three weeks. So people involved in an auto accident will flee instead of facing a mandatory jail sentence and or huge fine. How would beer consumers feel if they got busted for a DUI two or three weeks after drinking a single can or bottle of beer?”

“The delusional venter that thinks the Republicans are ruining the country like a cancer needs a reality check. There’s been a Democrat in the White House for over four years that has set up a shadow government of left-wing czars, an inept Democrat Senate majority leader that’s been there for over six years, a recently ousted House leader that did over four years worth of damage and a media that won’t criticize anyone with a ‘D’ next to their name.”

“GPS has a major budget cut to make this year and yet we are going to create two gifted classrooms with teachers making $55,000 each, and another $29,000 in ‘needed’ supplies (smart boards, laptops, etc). The board also presented approval of a potential 3 percent raise for teachers only, taking the 2 percent stipend away from the ‘others’ (librarians, nurses, etc.) because they aren’t nose-to-nose with the students. I am curious to see how this all pans out as far as being fiscally responsible. Oh yes, and can we please stop using the words ‘transparency’ and ‘transparent’? They’ve been so overused by this board that they have completely lost their true meaning.”

“A proposed 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that seeks to require that laws apply equally to U.S. Citizens and members of Congress does sound good in principle to many Americans, because Congress has occasionally exempted itself from laws that apply to the rest of us. And it really isn’t fair that members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate should be treated as anyone special.”

“What is going on in the world? Everyday there is something in the paper or on TV about same-sex marriages. This is morally wrong. Can’t two people of the same sex just be friends? Why do they have to live together and even adopt children? Same sex marriages with children is really wrong. Just think how mixed up the children are going to be. With their parents being of the same sex the children are going to think that it is OK to follow in their parents footsteps. According to the Bible, this is morally wrong and the people of the world should stop encouraging it and go back to preaching a unity between one man and one woman. Praise be to God.”

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