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The Vent: Sept. 12

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Posted: Sunday, September 12, 2010 7:00 am

“While your article about the three choices for the new Cubs stadium was very interesting, I think you failed to discuss the fourth option which come Nov. 2nd may be the most popular one. That is let the Cubs move to Naples, Fla. You may be surprised at the number of Mesa residents, like myself, who are fed up with the rich arrogant owners, players, and agents constantly demanding more and more in times like this. Take a vote on how many taxpayers are willing to fund the moving vans.”

“ ‘How may I direct your call?’ stands as one of the dumbest, most pretentious and offensive ways to answer a business phone of all time. I am seriously tempted to tell the answerer EXACTLY how he or she can direct the call.”

“It is not right to burn the Quran, a religious symbol to Islam. It was not right to put a cross with the image of Christ in a bottle of urine. They removed and vilified the person who did that to the religious symbol of Christians. Oh wait, no, they called it artistic freedom and let it remain in the gallery.”

“I suggest the Department of Defense plaster Qurans all over our vehicles in Afghanistan and see if they respect the good book when weighed against the chance to kill Americans.”

“To those hoping for a return to Republican government,  here’s what you can

expect: Deregulation of Wall Street and banks, meaning more deception  from traders and higher interest on credit cards. An end to health care reform,  so many will be denied coverage because of ‘pre-existing conditions’. An end to Social Security and Medicare. Tax breaks for the top 2 percent and the rest of us hoping for that ‘trickle down effect’. More wars and an end to green energy growth. So be careful what you wish for!”

“Can someone explain to me why Higley Road is being torn up and replaced north of Main Street in Mesa?  There was absolutely nothing wrong with that road, and I’m sure there are others that could have been replaced instead.”

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