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The Vent - August 22

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Posted: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 3:29 am | Updated: 5:32 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Boy, it seems at CPS they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Somebody needs to make up their mind and tell (CPS) what it is they want them to do.”

“Poor old Tempe. The new carpetbaggers of destruction of anything historic in the Valley of the Sun are here now to improve your neighborhoods and business areas. They need to make money, not necessarily progress.”

“I’m tired of some people trying to make (Sgt. Tom) Lovejoy a victim. He’s not being picked on because he’s a police officer. He’s being chastised, as he should be, because he’s been given special treatment by the Chandler Police Department.”

“You know what I find so sad? All of these people called in over the dog. But that poor little boy getting beat up by his mother at the Wal-Mart, there hasn’t been one comment in the Vent. She should have had that child taken away from her years ago.”

“Don’t worry. Osama bin Laden will be found. If the CIA, FBI (and) NSA can’t find him, AARP will find him the day he turns 60.”

“Every time there’s a hiccup in the stock market, a venter will call in and berate (President) Bush’s plan to put some of the Social Security money in the stock market. These venters simply do not have a clue. Even a little bit of money allowed to compound in the stock market during a four-decade career will grow to an enormous amount of money.”

“To the venter who was worried about the stock market and what it would do to his Social Security check, let me tell you what. I’ve been investing the stock market since 1980 and I’m rich, rich, rich, and you’re not, not, not.”

“(Tuesday’s Our View) piece on the American dream come true about Maria Torres-DeChamberlin of Mesa really touched my heart and I’m sure it did for many others. Thanks, Tribune, for focusing on these human issues that puts you head and shoulders above that other newspaper.”

“I have an even better idea. Why don’t we just hire immigration agents to be the census takers?”

“Pete Rose got banned from baseball and Michael Vick ought to be banned from football.”

“The best punishment for Vick: Make him do his time at (an animal shelter) and have him take care of all of the abused and harmed and neglected animals for a couple of years. That should change his tune.”

“I’m tired of listening to people explain to me that what Michael Vick did was part of his culture. Michael Vick knew what he was doing was wrong. Polygamy (is) part of people’s culture. Castration of women (is) part of people’s culture. Just because it’s part of someone’s culture doesn’t make it legal.”

“I know dogs. I like them and I have one. But I don’t understand why some people are getting crazy about some dog dying and saying nothing at the same time about human beings dying in the desert in Darfur or Iraq.”

“You wouldn’t have to look very hard to find lots of religious terrorism in Uncle Sam’s past. The Salem witch trial comes to mind.”

“Those Ron Paul signs weren’t put up by a campaign. They were put up by some people who have hope for America.”

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