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The Vent: Dec. 12

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Posted: Sunday, December 12, 2010 1:00 am

“This is for the lady at the Copper Basin YMCA who came into the locker room after her swim and started making rude comments about how people always get lockers right next to each other. So what!? There’s bigger issues in this world, lady, and you choose this to gripe about!? Talk about a Scrooge!! Do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and get a life! And by the way Merry Christmas.”

“I’m a Republican but I don’t know for how much longer.  I think the rich should be taxed more.  I also think my party needs to not be so stubborn and meet the president halfway.  Don’t forget, it was our guy Bush who pretty much messed everything up.”

“What’s wrong with these pedestrians who continually press the button over and over to cross the street? How many times do they throw a switch at home to light a room? Hasn’t it dawned on them that pressing just one time enables the “walk” sign to light at the normal changing of the traffic signal — that’s all? It’s not Cross-On-Demand, folks!”

“I am sick and tired of hearing ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’. Alaska belongs

to Americans.”

“I also own two dogs. I do pick up after them and used shock collars until they learned how to be good citizens. I do pick up after them when we go for walks. I also do not bring them to congested areas like the one I tripped over last weekend at the Tempe art show downtown. Shame on the organizers for allowing not working dogs there. I will not go next year and save several hundred dollars I spend there every year.”

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