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The Vent: July 9

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Posted: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 2:14 pm

“What a national shame, 4th of July fireworks canceled at five military bases whilst the ‘grand poobah’ flaunts 100 million of our dollars to vacation in Africa and reunite with the ‘relates.’ Reprehensible!”

“One million protesters gather in Egypt because their elected president isn’t doing what he said he was going to do! WHAT’S THE PROBLEM???”

“To the venter ‘Obama has progressed from his ‘pie in the sky’ to pie FROM the sky’ slam,’ I feel I must reply. That pie in the sky is called the ‘sun’. It emits enough energy in one-millionth of a second to power our grid for eons. You don’t have to drill for it, remove mountain tops for it, risk future Fukushima’s from it, or pollute our water supply for it. It’s just there, producing energy and life. As far as feasibility, I will just say that you will soon be buying a little bit of my excess Arizona grown solar energy FROM me.”

“I think we are seeing an example of ‘unintended consequences.’ For some time it has been a growing trend for auto manufacturers to do away with ashtrays in the vehicles. Do they really think that is going to cause smokers to become nonsmokers? Hardly! It just means they are more likely to flick lit cigarettes out of their windows. Is this a good idea, considering drought conditions and the danger of wild fires? Additionally, there is another safety consideration. Having known a motorcyclist that had to maneuver in traffic because of someone’s lit cigarette landing on him during his commute to work, that was a potential hazard as well.”

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