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The Vent: Feb. 12

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Posted: Sunday, February 12, 2012 10:00 am

"I wonder if Amanda Fleming is going to be upset when you have to pay 3.8 percent to the Feds when you sell your house starting in 2013 as per the Health Care Bill. Add this to your HOA payment, the funny thing is I don't hear any one complaining about that."

"Well, what do your know? Our stupid representatives want to allow sales of beer and wine at university games. Why not? There is nothing better than a drunken student packing a gun. Way to go, you idiots!"

"Gila River thrice votes out freeway on ‘sacred' land! Sacred? It's a pigpen, as are most of the houses on the rez! Maybe this is where they store the stolen cars! What a shame. This shows what happens when the government forces a group to live on handouts. Now, a church may be demolished, as well as 100 homes, because a group of people living on government handouts feel they are being infringed upon! The Native Americans who were displaced by the government are long gone, and this idiotic handout mentality should be revisited soon."

"That's funny. One of Sheriff Joe's inmates escapes and we don't hear a word about it. Then, other law enforcement agencies catch the guy and Joe holds a press conference. That, folks, tells you all you need to know about Sheriff Joe."

"Joe Arpaio: The world's most expensive and senile sheriff."

"Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he plans to release his preliminary findings on Barack Hussein Obama's citizenship on March 1. ‘Tea Party' advocates have collected 100,000 petition signatures nationally in support of Sheriff Joe's formal law enforcement investigation into concerns Obama may submit fraudulent documentation to be put on the state's election ballot in 2012."

"Remember, the politicians work for you, you don't work for them. Make them pass your laws, not theirs."

"When I first learned of Justice Ginsberg's comment (re: the U.S. Constitution), I was somewhat taken aback. But in reality, the United States does need to consider revamping our Constitution to bring it into line with thoughts and beliefs of the 21st Century. One must admit, many of the issues backing up the federal courts today are there due to antiquated beliefs and principals which no longer apply in today's society and require amending or being taken off the books. Canada, a much younger country, rewrote their constitution after only 120 years."

"Mr. Speaker, if you are running to become a President suggest you learn the ‘King's English.' It is not Mass-ah-choo-sis, it's pronounced Mass-ugh-choose-its. Better yet, for the Georgian student, refer to the state as ‘Mass.' "

"Unions are now a problem. They are bankrupting cites and states by their greed. City and state employees are being paid with working taxpayer dollars, taxpayers who also have hard, dangerous jobs and the same problems government or school employees have. We pay them higher wages than we have and we have no pension programs. It is time we do what they do; cry like babies. They retire young with pensions and insurance benefits while we get nothing."

"Would someone please tell Mr. Obama that he was ‘elected' to the White House, not ‘anointed.' The Oval Office is a sacred place to the American people. When we see Mr. Obama putting his shoes up on the President Rutheford B. Hays Presidential Desk that was given to America by Queen Victoria of England in 1880, it is disrespectful to America and England. Mr. President, the Oval Office furniture are irreplaceable treasures, not castoffs from the Chicago City Hall warehouse. Sir, you are a temporary occupant, not an permanent owner, Please act accordingly."



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