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The Vent: April 15

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Posted: Friday, April 15, 2011 1:45 am

“I see where Barry Bonds is convicted on one count in his government trial. I just read he probably won’t get any jail time. No jail time? What did this trial cost the taxpayers? What is wrong with this country? What’s wrong with this picture? Our government and justice system belongs in the nut house!”


“You may think ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ mean different things but the result of these misguided and naive thought processes is identical.”

“Conservative: old-fashioned, traditional, orthodox, hidebound, bigoted, unadventurous. Liberal: unprejudiced, unbigoted, broadminded, enlightened, forward-looking. Why would anyone with a modicum of intelligence vote for a conservative in this day and age?”

“If students are wondering why our state colleges continually raise tuition, please research how many students pay retail tuition and how many are on a state-funded scholarship. Those who pay tuition are paying double to make up for their classmates who pay nothing.”

“Wasn’t one of the reasons we broke away from England ‘No taxation without representation?’ Well look what kind of a mess ‘representation’ has gotten us into.”

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