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The Vent - September 15

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Posted: Saturday, September 15, 2007 3:57 am | Updated: 7:27 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Your story (Wednesday) on the Chandler’s mayor posh travel details seems to lack details. How many days did the mayor stay at these various hotels? What was the cheapest rate at that hotel? What is the most expensive? What is the cost of another hotel three blocks away?”

“In his private law practice, does Chandler Mayor Boyd Dunn also bill his clients for boutique hotels, upscale restaurants and other firstclass amenities?”

“Why didn’t the Chandler mayor stay at a nice, clean Motel 6? Think of the savings.”

“Regarding Chandler and (City Councilman Martin) Sepulveda with his cell bill problems, it’s very simple. The city of Chandler needs to say due to his noncooperation, from this day forward he’s not eligible for cell phone reimbursement.”

“Either Martin Sepulveda shows his cell phone bills to us, or we show Martin Sepulveda the door.”

“Why would anyone want to coach a sport in the Scottsdale Unified School District knowing full well, from experience, that if the coach cuts a player during tryouts, the parents can immediately rush over to (Superintendent John) Baracy and his good-oldboy network and get results?”

“Am I confused, naive or just don’t have all of the facts? Just what are transgendered individuals doing? Wearing a sign? Being not fully transgendered? Dressing inappropriately? Displaying themselves? What? How does the general public know this?”

“No surprise that Scottsdale’s entire staff overlooked flying the (U.S.) flag correctly, they are too busy flying the gaypride flag, beating up on the Charros and attacking local business owners because city staff doesn’t qualify to stand in a men’s room or a ladies’ room.”

“How many people has Joe Arpaio arrested for leaving a child in a hot car all day to die?”

“Thank you, Sheriff Arpaio, with the new details coming out about Sgt. Lovejoy and after he found his dead dog, that he had (the dog) cremated immediately and cleaned out the car with bleach and water. Is that covering up a crime? Is that hiding the details of something he did wrong?”

“Please don’t tell Sheriff Joe! I just flushed my goldfish down the toilet.”

“To the venter (Thursday) who said Gen. Petraeus is not a fighting general, the man has been wounded three times. He has nine rows of ribbons on his chest won by fighting for this country.”

“Yes, ‘swift boating’ was just telling the truth and John McCain was telling the truth (about Everybody’s got free speech except the people telling the truth.”

“I shudder to think of what would have happened if, after our losses on D-Day and the Bataan Death March, Washington had insisted we bring the troops home. Thankfully, we had a much smarter Congress in those days.”

“I am amazed when reading comments in the Vent that people have to hark back to something in World War II in relation to what’s going on in Iraq today. I often wonder why people just seem to skip over anything that happened in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Were we not fighting the great enemy of communism, to keep communism from spreading?”

“Quit picking on China. They were the only reason the Japanese did not take us over after Pearl Harbor.”

“Six years after 9/11? Almost six years of war, almost 4,000 troops killed, not a clue as to the whereabouts of the man who did it. Thank God for George Bush (Tribune, Thursday)? I don’t think so.”

“Instead of flying the flags at half-mast to remember the death and destruction of 9/11, why don’t we remember the good things that have come out of that? Oh yeah, I forgot. Nothing good has come out of that. We haven’t made any progress.”

“People, do not get too secure in this country. Remember, it took eight years between the Twin Tower bombings.”

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