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The Vent - October 9

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Posted: Monday, October 9, 2006 3:59 am | Updated: 5:02 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“How is that two judges from San Francisco can overturn a voter ID law that the voters of Arizona voted for? Just bizarre!”

“I see the 9th Circuit of Appeals has said we don’t need to show proof of citizenship or any kind of ID to register to vote. So what is the purpose of registering to vote then?”

“When you vote and you don’t have to show your ID card, I think that has got to be the most ridiculous thing. People who aren’t even registered are going to try and vote and just say their name wasn’t on the list.”

“Nancy Pelosi doesn’t get it. The Democrats don’t get it. President Clinton didn’t resign at his disturbing indiscretion. Why should Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert?”

“Speaker Hastert says ‘The Devilcrats made me do it.’”

“Rush Limbaugh is actually blaming the youngsters for ‘titillating the old guy,’ refering to Foley. This is unbelievable. I can’t believe a member of my party would do such a thing.”

“Maybe instead of testing our athletes for substance abuse, we should test everybody in Congress.”

“This message is to Slim Smith. How dare you take a vacation? Just kidding. I hope you enjoy your vacation as much as I enjoy reading your articles.”

“Has it ever dawned on Eddie Basha and his advocating for Proposition 203. . .that he might be taking food out of the mouths of children of the parents that legally smoke?”

“I read the voter election material on Proposition 202. The only people who haven’t commented on the minimum wage (ballot measure) are the people that are actually trying to live on it.”

“I’m sure if you check, the Republican Party will be paying for President Bush’s trips around the country, not the taxpayer.”

“Hey, Venter, looking for NRA spin (Friday): You won’t be hearing anything from the NRA. Remember, their freedom of speech was silenced until after the election.”

“I learned a lot about the Amish during their recent tragedy. Surely, they all deserve a place in heaven. I am Catholic, and the way they live and forgive puts us Catholics to shame.”

“The Amish people are absolutely wonderful, wonderful people. But without the rest of us protecting them, they would go the same way the dodo did, the dodo bird that is.”

“I just figured out a way to save the state government millions and millions of dollars. Stop printing the driving manual. Nobody reads it anyway.”

“There are over 20,000 U.S. troops still fighting in Afghanistan. I don’t exactly call that cutting and running.”


“I think our state should have a law that a group who wants to propose a ballot proposition must have a name that really reflects their goal. It can’t be a deceptive name, like the non-smoker protection group and it’s really the smoker-protection group, the tobacco companies.”

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