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The Vent: Dec. 2 || Iran, Israel, ACA

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Posted: Monday, December 2, 2013 9:30 am

“Biden, Kerry and Obama had it right in 2006. It would be foolish to invoke the nuclear option in the Senate. I guess Obama’s greed for power has overtaken his intelligence. That’s okay, everyone now should know his true goal is to be king, not president. History will remove the upper case and remember him as ‘president.’”

“Politicians deserve criticism and these days that seems to be all that they get. But no politician, no matter how bad you or I think they are, is ‘out to destroy this country’ or ‘bent on driving us to ruin.’ So, if you hear some commentator or critic say hyperbole like that, you know that they are worse than the politicians they criticize.”

“After witnessing what the Obama administration has done over the last five years I think we need to change their motto to ‘hopeless change!’ ”

“Hobby Lobby thinks their corporation for profit should not pay for contraceptives under Obamacare claiming it violates the religious freedom of the corporation. The owners want divine profit without opening their doors on the Sabbath. Next year corporations won't want Obamacare to cover AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases because they are only contracted by sinners. Let the church follow the highway to heaven and the corporations follow the main street to good health.”

“Once again, the Obama administration has slapped our traditional ally, Israel, in the face. How many insults do Jewish Americans, and the good citizens of Israel, have to take from these evil men? Israel is now forced to stand alone, once again.”

“I see they are going to start a crack down on drunken driving on Dec. 3. This is not fair. If illegals are not to be profiled, I do not want me and fellow drunks to be profiled.”

“People will generally forgive a mistake. Admit you were wrong and it goes away. It’s the cover-up that keeps a mistake from being forgotten. Smart people learn from history, it is our best teacher. If it did not work then, it will not work now.”

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