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The Vent: June 16

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Posted: Sunday, June 16, 2013 11:17 am | Updated: 2:33 pm, Tue Jun 18, 2013.

“If you moved to Gilbert because of the good schools, then you may become disappointed. New GPS board members want to turn Gilbert into a charter school district. Charter schools are a privatization of public schools that funnel your tax dollars to a small group of insiders. Charter schools do not outperform public schools. Do research, pay attention, and get involved.”

“Joe Arpaio is the best and has done more for the State of Arizona than anyone else!”

“The Flake/Rubio Amnesty Bill provides for strengthening the border. Since McCain and his puppydog Lindsay Graham love the defense industry, stand by for massive no-bid contracts to be issued to companies such as Halliburton, Boeing etc.”

“MCSO gets 911 calls from illegal aliens crossing the desert. The department sends a $600 per hour helicopter to save lives. MCSO protects while Judge Murray Snow shields illegals from the law. Taxpayers pay both ways.”

“Tanner Flake, son of Jeff Flake, needs to get some immediate professional counseling for his numerous rude comments which he made about ethnic groups other than his own.”

“Voting to repeal Obamacare has just become a cheap Republican ritual to burn Pres. Obama in effigy, as an act of desperation, lack of leadership, and inability to make any kind of positive contribution to the country that has given them so much.”

“The bad news is the government is now keeping copies of all your phone and e-mails. The good news is you will no longer need to backup your files because the government will do it for you!”

“China doesn’t permit union bosses to corrupt its government. But it does have a child labor force that would make the Koch brothers mouths water, and the country’s suicide nets are envy of the free world. Or, as Mitt Romney would have you believe, the nets are to keep unemployed rift raft from climbing up second floor and depressing the happy workers.”

“So the U.S. Senate is conducting business in Spanish. Have they lost their mind? Why are they catering to people who could care less about our country? All they want is what they can leech off of America, and these Senate fools are almost as bad!”

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