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The Vent: March 24

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Posted: Sunday, March 24, 2013 11:16 am | Updated: 2:37 pm, Wed Mar 27, 2013.

“The ‘bathroom bill’ is without doubt the most hateful measure the Legislature has ever come up with. It’s also indicative of a complete lack of understanding of transgender people and the LGBT community in general. To remedy this, I suggest viewing a program called “In the Life” on YouTube. Oh, wait, some people don’t want to understand; they just want to hate.”

“So, proponents of the “bathroom bill” claim that its aim is to prevent “uncomfortable situations” in public bathrooms that transgender people might happen to use. Picture this: A person with all the outward appearances of a woman (hairdo, dress, high heels, makeup, manicure) in the men’s room using the urinal. Explain that to your son. (If I’m not mistaken, a person in gender transition must live as the ‘other’ for a year before surgery.) The lesson here: If you’re uncomfortable with this situation, you shouldn’t be a proponent of this bill. This measure will cause more problems than it will solve.”

“This probably won’t get printed, but I want to express my thoughts anyway. Why are we accepting that it is okay for gays, transgender, and bi-sexual people to use public restrooms of their choice? There are more important things to think about on this issue such as giving sexual deviants an opportunity to sexually abuse a child or adult in a closed area in a public place. People who are ‘normal’ have rights too and should be able to use a public restroom without worrying about who is in the next stall.”

“To the venter who owes no taxes: Welcome to the bottom half, hope you enjoyed your 40 years on the top. I haven’t earned enough to pay taxes for several years...”

“Sometimes, I think Sean Hannity is too nice. He refers to the Iran president by his real name; I can’t pronounce or spell his name, so I just call him Ock-ma-dumb-a-dod, with emphasis on the word dumb in the middle.”

“Obama said this week that Israel has ‘No greater friend than US’. Actually the US is Israel’s only friend.”

“The Dems love the ‘European’ way so much, what do they have to say about the situation in Cyprus? The government essentially being taxed for putting money in a bank account. It is time to start putting our money under the mattress again before Obama/Pelosi/Reid try it because we know they will.”

“To the uneducated person who vented that Mesa School Teachers are overpaid at an average salary of $54,398, he or she doesn’t have a clue. Along with their regular college loans to pay off, to earn that kind of salary, the teacher has had to go back and get their masters degree. My daughter is a second year teacher (not in Mesa) and earns a little more than half of that this idiot describes. She leaves her house at 6 a.m. and usually gets home around 6 p.m. Needless to say it is not an 8 to 5 job. She went to school in Mesa, and I for one am thankful for all of the great teachers that she learned from.”

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