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The Vent: Jan. 20

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Posted: Sunday, January 20, 2013 8:47 am

Why don’t the weeds freeze too?

If we truly want to protect our children rather than pursue what will be completely ineffective gun controls that have been tried and have failed miserably, why don’t we try actually protecting the children? (If you) go to any elementary school, if you want to walk around the property pretty much unchallenged for 15-30 minutes, you will have no problem doing so, I guarantee it. If you are carrying a duffel bag you may only get 5-10 minutes but the fact is you can have pretty much all the access you want for at least a few minutes.

Conservatives are willing to use a gun to protect themselves and others, while Liberals huddle in a corner on their phone hoping someone with a gun shows up in time to save them!

I understand the NFA is offering a limited edition assault rifle to defend yourself from possible government takeover. If you act now, they will throw in a bottle of Kraft bar-b-q sauce, a handsome cremation urn plus an autographed picture of David Koresh.

President Obama is really starting to show a lot of leadership. He refuses to negotiate with terrorists. Whether they are economic terrorists in congress, AK 47 toting terrorists in the mideast, or even the ones who tote in the United States, he still refuses to negotiate. His high capacity for what is right outweighs any other form of high capacity.

Today President Obama surrounded himself with children as he spoke about gun control and how the children who were killed in Newtown won’t have the opportunity to grow up. Isn’t that hypocritical when he is a strong supporter of abortion and the killing of innocent babies who will never have the opportunity to live and grow up.

The greatest threat to our way of life is conservative talk radio. The president needs to issue an executive order banning all these promoters of hate. Of course, our way of life is now replete with government extravagance, abuse of the Constitution, crony capitalism, unfathomable debt and corruption at high places. Yes, the American Right really hates — hates how the liberals have destroyed our country.

I think Congress should blow off Obama’s demand to increase the debt ceiling. He has known for over a year this day was coming and all he has done continued to burn tax dollars as fast as he can. Let Obama and the Democrats oversee the U.S.A.’s default that they have created.

If our debt goes up by $3 trillion or more in the next four years, which I think it will, it means that Obama will have raised our debt by more in eight years than all his predecessors combined. If that’s not irresponsible and unpatriotic, I don’t know what is!

When politicians talk about ‘saving money’ shouldn’t they really be saying ‘borrowing Less Money’?

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