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The Vent: March 29

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Posted: Saturday, March 29, 2008 4:01 am | Updated: 11:45 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

 “So Fred Phillis and his personal vendetta against (Gilbert Mayor Steve) Berman just happened to have only 10 signs made under the limit (Tribune, March 21). No conspiracy, nothing planned. Boy, he ought to be a stand-up comic at the Improv.”

“The Gilbert Town Council had no trouble giving the water tower a couple more million (dollars) after the town budget was in question. They also gave the Police Department a lump sum 3 percent raise, instead of staggering it. Seems like the council is out of touch, again.”

“Following Jan Dolan’s summary dismissal as Scottsdale’s city manager  …  I called a Scottsdale councilman’s number asking a few questions and requesting a prompt response. There has been no such response and it causes me to continue my request for district representation.”

“I’m still laughing at the Scottsdale City Council’s most recent decision to ban leaf blowers from pushing debris into public streets. Keep in mind this is the city that can’t even time its lights on Camelback Road. Do you really think they can enforce such a ban? Unless, they catch you, they could sentence you to drive on Camelback Road  …”

“Once Scottsdale cleans up the dirt around the City Council, they won’t have to worry about any dust.”

“In plain words, they would be making snowballs you know where if I went to the library and someone tried to prevent me from signing a petition about this high-rise.  …  Believe me, no one would intimidate me.”

“Hey, Wayne (Ecton), that rumor about low employee morale? I don’t know how to break this to you, big fella. That’s not a rumor. That’s a plain and simple fact and has been for five years.”

“Well, since Scottsdale’s planning on spending $1 million a mile for Scottsdale Road, why not throw in a few other bucks and put in a streetcar track in there, too? If you’re going to tear it up, tear it up once.”

“Before the city spends $1 million a mile on Scottsdale Road for beautification, how about finishing SkySong?”

“To those who say that all you have to do to avoid photo-radar is follow the law, that’s what 600 people in Scottsdale were doing a while back. But the city had to void the tickets on account of the malfunctioning camera.”

“That $2 million or more from the cameras on Loop 101 would be nice to start the buyout to buy Arizona American Water Co. for the people.”

“I live in a nice neighborhood in north Scottsdale with an HOA. I have a hard enough time trying to sell my house without the neighbors putting out their couches, garbage, trash and everything else on the street.”

“Mesa is broke again? Close the arts center, save the $6.5 million a year subsidy, and let the people in Scottsdale go to the Tempe arts center.”

“One cheer for Mesa. They’re only about a third of the way they need to really reduce the budget problem. Keep going, folks. There’s much to be done.”

“The citizens of Mesa should stop asking their city for more libraries, park programs and bus riders, and start asking your neighbors to pass for a property tax. That’s the only way you’re going to pay for these.”

“Of course the Chandler City Council thinks they are in great shape. They just recently gave themselves a 17 percent rate increase.”

“To the Venter who thinks the troops died for ‘victory’ in Iraq: I wish he would call back and tell us how he defines ‘victory’ and when we will know it has been achieved.”

“The price of oil is 4,000 GIs dead, over 40,000 injured and over 150,000 Iraqis dead or injured. Great, great, great. Isn’t it wonderful to be successful?”

“Don’t you people know that even the 9/11 Commission reported on the fact that Iran was aiding Al-Qaida? John McCain is right. Only stupid people like Tribune editors buy into the fiction that Shia and Sunni terrorists never cooperate.”

“How many more of our Americans in uniform have to die in Iraq before our administration realizes that Iraq is not our fight? Let the Shiites and the Sunnis kill each other if they want to, but let’s get the hell out of Dodge.”

“We in the Valley are suffering from (air pollution). And now the government is trying to get more money to increase the growth of (Phoenix) Sky Harbor (International Airport). This is foolish. Stop the growth of Sky Harbor. Increase the growth of Williams Gateway Airport, or open an airport between Phoenix and Tucson.”

“Please stop saying, ‘ya know,’ ‘ya know,’ ‘ya know.’ If I know everything, I wouldn’t have to listen to what you’re saying.”

“Thank you, Mr. Flood, for the article Friday in the Santan paper about Brett Favre who cares about others. While I am not a Packers fan, I think you had a very important message in that.”

“My dear wonderful mother, I just wanted to let you know that if God had given me a choice and allowed me to pick someone out of a line to be my mother, I still would have picked you. I love you very much and just wanted you to know that.”

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