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The Vent: June 18

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Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 4:49 am

“The son of Sen. Flake illustrates why full-time fathering is important.”

“It is time for Sen. Jeff Flake to take a local job so he can spend some time with his son and get him professional help so he can be deprogrammed.”

“Anti-Mexican ... Anti-African ... Anti-gay ... what’s the problem? Young Flake is just displaying Republican/conservative East Valley traditional family values.”

“Re: June 16 vent: (Jeff Flake’s son) doesn’t need counseling; his father does. As the song from ‘South Pacific’ goes, ‘You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear... You’ve got to be carefully taught...’”

“Suddenly turning liberal at the end of his second term didn’t help George Bush’s legacy and it won’t help Jan Brewer’s either. Hopefully it will kill her re-election chances.”

“I’m glad the Gilbert Library tossed 40 percent of the books and the Dewey system ... Now I’ll be able to find the coloring books a lot easier.”

“I have no problem with our government spying on us. I have a major problem with private, for-profit companies spying on us.”

“After a closed-door meeting with Chicago Police Investigators, Rahm Emanual has solved the gun violence problem of the city. For the first time in one hundred years, the number of shooting victims for one weekend were in single digits. Six. In other news; there were 15 9-millimeter and five .357 ‘knife accidents’ during the same period.”

“Seems to me that our immigration issues started decades ago here in Arizona when business and legislators thought it would be good for profits to have cheap labor. Maybe you should take some of those profits from the past and help pay to secure the border.”

“When I read Orwell’s ‘1984’ in high school, I took it as a dire warning of what can happen when government gets too big and too intrusive. I never imagined that it would eventually become a ‘how-to’ manual for the left.”

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