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The Vent: Sept. 6

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Posted: Saturday, September 6, 2008 7:03 pm | Updated: 11:34 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

"I'd be glad to vote for that bond issue in November if they will take care of the speeding where I live, east Covina, east Decatur, east of Lindsay (with) speed humps, speed bumps, maybe a patrol every two or three months ..."

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"I'd be glad to vote for that bond issue in November if they will take care of the speeding where I live, east Covina, east Decatur, east of Lindsay (with) speed humps, speed bumps, maybe a patrol every two or three months ..."

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"The only change that I want the City Council and the mayor of Mesa for me to vote for a property tax is to have the chief of police do something about illegal aliens."

"Why do elected officials always think they are above the law? If any other person besides an elected official, Councilman Jeff Weninger, owned the Floridino's Pizza and Pasta restaurant in Chandler, the location would have been shut down for violations and the owners fined."

"Chandler City Councilman Jeff Weninger should not require on-the-job training. Neither ignorance of or lazy inattention to the building permit process is acceptable."

“Mayor Mary (Manross), please tell us how you expect to buy preserve land that would cost $272 million more than the city has available in bonds. Is the city going to use Monopoly money?”

“Well, it very much looks like Dumbo will be our next mayor. They always tell you in Political Science 101 that people generally end up with the kind of government they deserve. We’ve pretty much got our full compliment of idiots now.”

“Our founder, chaplain Winfield Scott, is probably crying in heaven because Scottsdale’s being known as bars, betting and bare behinds.”

“I just came back from a trip to Scottsdale and McDowell, the SkySong area. There was so much excitement going on, with the traffic and the people and the business, I didn’t know which way to turn. Then I turned around and I realized I was dreaming. What’s happened? Where are all of the promises?”

“We have lived in Scottsdale for over 20 years and Scottsdale Road has been in constant repair or disrepair. The mayor and City Council ought to hang their heads in shame.”

"I think it's getting a little tiring watching mayors in East Valley cities apologize for their incompetence. If they are apologizing, they should just resign, get out office. They are not worth the trouble."

“So Gilbert is in partnership making this environmentally friendly polar ice rink by using florescent light bulbs on an artificial glacier in the middle of Gilbert, Ariz., when it’s 102 degrees outside right now. And it’s a cool day. What an idiotic move!”

“The Town of Gilbert is taking lessons from county, state and federal governments in wasting taxpayers’ monies. Why is Cooper Road being resurfaced between Guadalupe and Elliot (roads) when there are other roads that desperately need it?”

“What is wrong with the town of Gilbert? It sounds like their government is not doing a very good job for the taxpayers. Not only do they have (Big League) Dreams that is a huge drain on the community, the mayor does not seem to be someone that should be running a town.”

"I am appalled at the hypocrisy of the liberal media, saying that Sarah Palin should be taking care of her children. Using that logic, no president or vice president should have children. They should remain childless."

"Fifty million dollars for the Republican convention. Fifty million for the Democratic convention. One billion dollars for Georgia. I don't want that kind of money coming out of my wallet."

"Isn't ironic that war protesters would resort to destruction and violence at the Republican convention. What happened to leading by example?"

"To the college professor and scholar who has researched alcohol abuse and he's disgusted with DUI laws (Vent, Wednesday), I think first they need to be taken off the road so they don't kill someone."

"I read the librarian at ASU is going to travel to China to give children's books to children. Why don't they send a student who knows Chinese and will gain from such an experience, instead of another administrator?"

"To (Wednesday's) venter who complained about people hesitating at green lights: It's not the bell at the starting gate, buddy. Take some driver's ed. Green does not automatically mean 'go.' It means 'proceed with caution.' In this city full of red-light runners, can you blame people for waiting?"

"I came from Australia. Everyone there sits at a green light. At first it was annoying, then I realized that few people there are stressed. Road rage is unheard of, and more people get to work and come home relaxed."

"Send money to New Orleans for relief? No, thank you. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Until they reciprocate and send billions for California fire disaster relief, I hope no one sends any money."

"Attention, Homeland Security, the White House and state and local officials of New Orleans. It's time to permanently abandon New Orleans. Level the buildings. Cover the entire area with sand and gravel, flood it and turn it into a wildlife and wetlands national recreation area."

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