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The Vent: Dec. 7

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Posted: Friday, December 7, 2012 8:55 am

"Trickle-up poverty, aka socialism, means everyone will be getting crumbs."

"Before people (Venters) display their ignorance in print, they should check the facts, such as the miscreant who said that the mayor and City Council of Mesa were overpaid. I happen to know that the mayor is working extremely hard for the people of Mesa for the equivalent of about $11 an hour. This is the only mayor in the history of the city that actually works more than full time in a City Charter-described part-time job."

"So, we have a little bit of in-fighting between a couple of Arizona Cardinals. The solution: Follow the lead of the high school recently that made student combatants hold hands. So, at practice and maybe into scrimmage of the next game, they will affectionately hold hands to show everyone they have mended fences. Works for me."

"President Obama is supposedly ‘genuinely conflicted’ as to his choice of Secretary of State nominee between Senator John Kerry and UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Mr. President, flip a coin because there is no difference. One sold out his nation by his despicable anti-war activities during the Vietnam War (on stage with ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda). The other one sold out her nation by lying to the media for days about a fictitious ‘anti-video mob’ attacking the US Benghazi Consulate and killing Ambassador Lewis and three other Americans. A case of tweedle dum and tweedle dee. Mr. President, now really can’t you do better than those two?"

"The truth about Susan Rice is that she is a liar and is less qualified than Pepe Le Pew to be our Secretary of State."

"So the Democrats want higher taxes (more money) and no cuts to spending? How about you egg heads show us you can be responsible with the money you’re getting now before we give you more to waste?"

"It is very funny watching the Republicans scramble around like their hair is on fire, screaming about ‘The Fiscal Cliff’. After Bill Clinton left the White House over a decade ago, the Republicans spent the surplus his administration created by giving tax breaks to everyone--but especially Bush’s rich buddies--and refusing to pay for two wars. This is what President Obama inherited four years ago. He did a good job keeping us out of a depression, but it’s clear that the GOP is stubbornly refusing to raise the tax rate on the wealthy 2 percent now, even though they can afford it and the majority of Americans voted for exactly that outcome. The GOP math just doesn’t add up, if all they plan to do is to cut deductions and loopholes--and they know it."

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