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The Vent: Aug. 23

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Posted: Saturday, August 23, 2008 6:46 pm | Updated: 9:39 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

"I think The Vent line (stinks). (Sounds of shuffling papers and commotion in background.) Everything's Mesa, Mesa, Mesa. Mesa this. Mesa that. Mesa, Mesa, Mesa. Mesa (stinks). It should be more Arizo...(Line goes dead.)

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"I think The Vent line (stinks). (Sounds of shuffling papers and commotion in background.) Everything's Mesa, Mesa, Mesa. Mesa this. Mesa that. Mesa, Mesa, Mesa. Mesa (stinks). It should be more Arizo...(Line goes dead.)

Have more to say? Send in your vent

"I read with interest the plans for the (GM) Proving Grounds in east Mesa, and the huge, huge, huge development that will cause all kinds of dust to go into the air. Why are they closing down roads that a Jeep might ride on with no dust and yet you are going to allow this?"

"Have the 'experts' touting pedestrian-friendly urbanism at the GM Proving Grounds ever used outdoor pedestrian pathways in 110-plus temps that are so common here in the Valley? For heaven sakes, what in the world are they thinking about?"

"Doing away with police codes has got to be the dumbest thing Mesa has done. Codes are quicker and don't tie up the radio. Bottom line: Mesa should hire people who can remember the codes."

"Looks like Mesa Public Schools jumped the gun on lower enrollment. I have two students attending Westwood and all of their classes are overloaded. Let's get rid of some district administrators and hire teachers for the classroom."

"Mesa Deserves Better owes me a new shedder and a new answering machine. In just one week they have worn out mine, with their anti-Russell Pearce campaign."

"This is for congressmen Flake, Shadegg and Franks, JT Ready was elected by the people. So shut up, mind your own business and wait until the next election so we can get the guy out of office."

"To the venter (Aug. 15) complaining about tax rebates going to Empire: No. 1, Empire used to be in a county island, not Mesa. So they're getting taxes that they didn't have. No. 2, would you prefer that they move to Queen Creek, Gilbert, Chandler, somewhere other than Mesa? They very well could do that and make millions on that property they have there on Country Club (Drive)."

"I see in today's paper that the city of Mesa would like for us all to conserve more water which I can totally understand as we do live in a desert... However, there is no way I will use any less water than I currently do so that there can be more water available for that stupid water park that is about to be constructed at Riverview."

"Right now, Gilbert is hurting for money. Councilwoman Linda Abbott wants to ... build something with classroom space, aquariums, art galleries. etc. When is she going out and get some industry into the town of Gilbert, some jobs... All this Town Council does is spend, spend, spend, and Linda Abbott is one of the biggest spenders."

"Big League Dreams has all the ingredients to grow grass except one. It has sun, water and soil, just like all the beautiful golf courses and homes in the surrounding area. If you can't grow grass in Arizona, you have one big deficiency: poor management! Fix it!"

"I just got a call from Thayer Verschoor. What was it about? I haven't got a clue, because you couldn't understand a dang thing the guy was saying."

"No electricity or plumbing in AJ in the 1970s? Give me a break! I grew up out there in the '50's and we most certainly had electric and plumbing ... even telephones. Sheesh!"

"People who encounter Germann Road in Chandler for the first time must think it is some new, exotic destination that requires an equally novel pronunciation, like 'ger-mane' or 'ger-main.' The name of the street is simply German, with an extra "n" that changes nothing.

"I don't understand the reason to put flat-screen TVs and recliners in the new ER at Banner Baywood Medical (Tribune, Aug. 5). When you are in the emergency room, something is so wrong with you and you are going to sit there and watch TV? What a waste of money."

"As a retired cop and longtime Scottsdale resident, I think the new police uniforms look like heck. But they will absorb a lot of heat that will help us non-cops be a little cooler. What genius thought these things up?"

"I'd vote for Satan before I voted for anyone Bob Littlefield endorsed - he endorsed councilman (Bob) Lane. At least Satan has skills."

"Bob Littlefield, listen up: Some of us see through you and have lived through the last six years. Your endorsement of Jim Lane will not earn my vote. I am not willing to give you the vote you need to continue your reign of terror. Nothing is getting done while the council minority has played politics."

"I see where the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce put out an expensive flier ... with pictures of Mary Manross and Betty Drake and all the rest, under the auspices of the (chamber). If I were a businessman, I would get out of the (chamber) immediately. That is scooping the bottom sludge."

"Mary Manross is the most inept mayor. She doesn't know right from wrong. She has no financial ability at all. She pokes fun at the Pink Taco, which is quite successful. She did not agree to have the Coyotes stadium here, which would have brought millions and millions of dollars. And now she's fighting with Craig Jackson. She's so inept, she is aggravating. ... Scottsdale needs a change."

"Suzanne Klapp almost had my vote (for Scottsdale City Council) on my early ballot, until I got one of these shiny nice cardboard things with Sheriff Joe Arpaio being for Suzanne Klapp. That turned me off right now."

"Did you read Mark Scarp's article (Friday, Aug. 15) on his lack of care for the McDowell Mountains' beauty? Why do we want to urbanize Scottsdale when we're going to get more people like that? They are so used to pollution, congestion and overrun nature that they will only detract from our beautiful, livable city."

"Jim Lane has shown himself to be an underachiever and a whiner. He didn't do anything in four years to earn another four and now his campaign is blaming everyone else, including the chamber. He needs to learn that actions or inaction speak louder than words and your inaction over the past four years spoke volumes."

"So Jim Lane is whining about the big, bad chamber supporting a slate of candidates they believe will get something done. What choice did they have after you and your supporters, including Lamar Whitmer, launched your smear campaign? How about coming clean about who makes up the small business alliance, Jim Lane?"

"Chaparral Road is a definite speed trap west of Hayden Road. The cops hide. They hide in shadows, on the off-streets."

"After viewing the last council meeting it has become apparent why nothing is getting done at City Hall. Democracy has been replaced by anarchy, courtesy of the council minority."

"Shadegg to debate Lord (Tribune, Tuesday)? He does have connections in high places. Wow."

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