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The Vent: Oct. 14

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Posted: Monday, October 13, 2008 5:23 pm | Updated: 10:44 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

"As a happily married Catholic man, I will be voting 'yes' on Prop. 102 to protect the sanctity of marriage."

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"As a happily married Catholic man, I will be voting 'yes' on Prop. 102 to protect the sanctity of marriage."

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"From a religious view, there's a holy sacrament. A church may not allow same-sex marriage in their church. But from a legal standpoint, anyone who wishes to get married and sign a contract should be allowed to be married."

"I don't have any children, so why should I be paying as much as parents of school-age kids do for more school (bond) taxes? Let them pay for my dental bills, and then we'll talk ..."

"You'd better hope taxes go for education, pal, and make dang sure that money (is) used to educate the kids! Or you're going to have a great big bunch of people running around who don't read, can't spell, can't pronounce words, can't write a coherent paragraph, who can't add, who can't find a huge country on a map... Oh, wait. They're already here. Uh, never mind."

"Just returned from the "third world country" of Turkey where the south was blanketed, yes, blanketed, with solar panels. Shame on us!"

"Sen. Joe McCarthy would be proud of Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain for their keen effort to expose a terrorist running for president, bypassing all law enforcement and the Supreme Court and proving guilt by association through the news media. Good job."

"God, you left-wing venters never give any facts or examples to support your idiotic statements."

"Something is fishy hear. (Warren) Buffett, (Bill) Gates, (George) Soros, all multi-billionaires support Obama. Credit freeze starts when McCain gains lead over Obama. I'm having trouble with the smell test."

"In the '90s. John McCain was cleared in the Keating scandal. In the '90s, O.J. was cleared also. Do we really believe our justice system is always right?"

"I'm really confused. Alaska has both its governor and senator under investigation for unethical activities while in elected office. Yet, John McCain calls Chicago politicians corrupt."

"Any Alaska state trooper who kills a moose illegally, drinks beer in the patrol car, and turns the Taser gun on his own stepson (deserves) to be fired, not protected because he is the brother-in-law of Gov. Palin. She had the right to ask 'Why?' We have the right to ask why she has to be attacked because she questioned."

"ACORN should go to the graveyard, like they do in New Mexico, instead of using the Dallas Cowboys roster or just making up names. They wouldn't get caught so often."

"Democrats are afraid the Republicans are stripping their democratic rights. Republicans fear Democrats will lead us into socialism. Makes you wonder if some terrorist cell has pitted us against one another for their own purposes."

"The American taxpayer just paid tens of millions of dollars to Israel for sensors so they can find tunnels into their state. Why couldn't they buy their own sensors? Do they buy sensors for the U.S. to catch illegals?"

"Maybe the 54-year-old, 300-pound couch-potato venter who said Sarah Palin's wink makes him feel like 'the stud he used to be,' (Vent, Saturday) actually meant that she makes him feel like the 'spud' that he used to be.

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