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The Vent: Aug. 12

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Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2012 8:30 am | Updated: 8:52 am, Tue Aug 14, 2012.

“To one who vents: ‘Why do law abiding citizens need assault rifles?’ As long as police forces and governments worldwide use tools like this to impose laws and policies, I will support a citizen’s right to carry those same tools to protect themselves. The 2nd Amendment has been protecting citizens from criminals and tyrants since Dec. 15, 1791. The 2nd Amendment is not for hunting …”

“To all of those assault weapons owners who claim they’re for protection from the government: If our military wanted you dead, you’d be dead. Be it by drone, sniper or Seal team 6, they could get it done before you knew what was happening.”

“I think the government of the United States is trying to get rid of the poor people and keep the rich and let them run the government so they can make their own rules.”

“So as it turns out, the real problem with the Colorado theater shooter wasn’t the guns, it was the responsible authorities afraid to report him as loony tunes. Just like with Loughner and the Ft. Hood shooter, political correctness has killed again.”

“With all the mass shooting going on lately, we as a society are irresponsible, to say the least, to allow our children to become desensitized through video games, TV programs and movies that teach and promote violence and killing. It starts with violence on the playground and if we stay ignorant our young, oblivious brutalization victims will reach their ‘prime crime age’ during their teenage years and than it’s too late to regret.”

“The country’s going to hell in a hand basket, its infrastructure is falling apart, and what’s the major issue in the election campaign? Women’s health issues. Romney’s doing a decent job of handling it low-key but Bubba: He’s spending millions of our dollars pandering to females over who’s going to pay for their birth control while he should be gung ho on the economy, finance, infrastructure repair, security, etc.”

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