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The Vent: Oct. 10

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Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 10:14 am

“I want to thank the City of Mesa and the Mesa Arts Center for an invitation to something called the ‘Dia de Los Muertos Celebration’ that I received in the mail this week. Unfortunately, the invitation was printed only in Spanish so I don’t understand it and I won’t be able to attend.”

“Obama got waxed by Romney in the debate, I mean waxed! So if you can’t out debate them what do you do? Bogus up the unemployment figures! Can you imagine what is going through Biden’s mind right now?”

“Obama cooked the books on the jobs numbers. I find that hard to believe, I thought all of the dishonest people were working for the Romney campaign in Florida and other states cooking voter registration forms.”

“Regarding the presidential debate: I agree Obama wasn’t stellar, but I appear to be the only person who thinks Romney acted like an overly exuberant puppy.”

“I knew when I said voting for Obama, because he pushes ‘spreading the wealth’, which is socialism plain and simple, is anti-American, would not make the vent. Speaking those words is a little too uncomfortable for liberals at all media outlets. It goes against their agenda.”

“I’m appalled, I thought everyone in the country would be overjoyed with a reduction in the unemployment numbers but all I have seen is outrage. Maybe I have underestimated the illegal emigration problem. There appears to be more unamerican people around than I thought.”

“I see Obama brought in $181 million in September how many teachers, firemen, and police could that give pay raises and more employees? It is wrong the amount spent on elections, both by Republicans or Democrats.”

“I agree with axing PBS. Really, since Barney in the ’90s and Elmo PBS has to be raking it in in toy, game, and book sales. Why are we subsidizing a successful business? Next is Native Americans; their casinos well cover all their people. Oops is that keeping racism alive? We are all Americans! Let’s live that way.”

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