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The Vent: May 13

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Posted: Sunday, May 13, 2012 7:00 am

“Our ‘crack’ weather folks sure sent out the alert early about our ‘mini-haboob’ Wednesday. Asleep at the wheel, caught them napping. Earlier reports were ‘possible chance of rain, about 5 percent.’ Oops?”

“If corporations are people, then why can’t the union of two people (regardless of sex or sexual orientation) be a corporation?”

“I’ll agree that the ideal situation for a child is a mother and a father, but some of you anti-gay folks need to admit that many, many kids would be better served by two fathers or two mothers than so many of the incompetent, immature and violent ‘traditional’ parents we see every day.”

“Our president, who is sworn to uphold the Constitution, has now ‘prostituted’ himself and his long standing moral beliefs for the sake of a few votes. His weak-kneed excuses for sudden change of heart as the result of a ‘family’ discussion, and in particular referring to his daughters, just proves further, ‘It is what it is.’”

“It’s not too late. The radical right could claim marriage fraud is out of control, pass laws requiring a long form birth certificate, a passport, and two other photo IDs from three other states just to get a marriage license.”

“If Sheriff Joe can be sued for racial profiling so can the DOJ for profiling the Italians by calling them the Mafia.”

“Wow, if Joe Arpaio is ‘so happy’ that the Justice Department has filed charges against him for systematic abuses in office, imagine how thrilled he will be when he is actually convicted! I only hope that this comes about before November, but if not, the Arpaio-weary voters of Maricopa County will finally take care of this racist pig. I only hope that his fellow prisoners treat him with the same courtesy and civility as he treated them all these years.”

“When I hear these politicians defending all of these voter fraud laws I have to commend them on their ability to keep a straight face, because I couldn’t do it. But voter denial under false pretense is fraud.”

“I just read that Michelle Bachmann will withdraw her Swiss citizenship. But, where she claims to have studied the law, and also claims to have been a dual citizen defacto from the date of her marriage, when she first took an oath of office, wasn’t she breaking the law? Perhaps Bachmann needs to try something less challenging. I’m forming a new elections committee. I’ll call it “Bachmann for Dog Catcher 2012!” Want to join? Wonder how much bumper stickers would cost?”

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