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The Vent - April 17

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Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 6:09 am | Updated: 6:50 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“(Monday) morning I was happy to read about the improvement the autistic child made. I was delighted to read about the pianist-composer-ballplayer teen. Then I heard about the shootings in Virginia and I cried.”

“(Re the ‘Desert Dealer’ series:) Is it just a coincidence that the federal prosecutor responsible for investigating Jim Rhodes in Nevada has been fired?”

“Why is this developer from Las Vegas being given a chance with anything in Arizona with the past that he has?.... This is ridiculous. Let him go.”

“With regard to Jim Rhodes from Las Vegas, what plays in Vegas should stay in Vegas. What’s the matter with our state officials that they can’t see what this guy is?”

“Most of the time the comics leave me with a nice little smile, sometimes a chuckle. But ‘B.C.’ made me laugh right out loud. I’m sure going to miss Johnny Hart.”

“I think (the Arizona quarter) should be the Navajo Code Talkers. They did one hell of a job for us in World War II and have never gotten the respect they deserved.”

“I have a special needs child. And it is not the lack of interest among the special-education community (Tribune, Monday) that has the numbers low. It is the lack of schools for the special education children.”

“I am a high school teacher who teaches 10th grade... the grade that takes the AIMS test and... I agree with absolutely everything that Bill Richardson said (Opinion 2, Friday) about the AIMS test... except he left one thing out. And that is that parents like the dumbing down of education because they think their students are doing well, and they don’t want their students working hard.”

“If the politicians start promoting themselves at the Super Bowl, I’ll stop watching the Super Bowl. Some things just shouldn’t be done and that’s one of them. Isn’t anything sacred any more?

“Now the blacks are complaining about not enough blacks in baseball (Sports, Sunday). You don’t hear the whites and Latin Americans complaining about not enough of them playing football or basketball.”

“I don’t know what airport Dr. Craig Volker (Letters, Monday) has been going to, but at Sky Harbor there is a video screen as you enter the baggage claim area and there’s also a screen over each carousel that tells what flights the baggage is coming in from and the status.”

“To the Venter who implied that George Bush is a dingbat: You try being president of the United States, dingbat.”

“With the overall secrecy, lost e-mails and redacted documents, the George W. Bush Presidential Library will be very small.”

“If a tank of gas starts costing more money, we’re going to have to start financing it.”

“The Vent editor is not a fair person. He won’t put all the vents in there. I don’t know what happened or what his critieria is, but if you say anything against the gays, he won’t put it in there. If you say anything against Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, he won’t put it in there. He’s just a spineless man.”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t try to call in vents before I’m fully awake.”

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