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The Vent: Dec. 18

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Posted: Thursday, December 18, 2008 6:47 pm | Updated: 8:57 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Just a thought about the new Arizona law on plate frames. I bet it has to do with those photo money machines.”

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“Just a thought about the new Arizona law on plate frames. I bet it has to do with those photo money machines.”

Have more to say? Send in your vent

“License plate frames, this has been a pet peeve of mine for years … It has nothing to do with any officer’s intelligence. How about Joe Public that sees something happen that needs immediate attention and we forgot the license plate number as the car is speeding away and, lo and behold, we can’t even read what state it is from because some idiot car dealer wants us to advertise for him?”

“Go to your local dealership and they will give you a new license plate frame, ’cause they like the advertisement. I do work for a dealer.”

“I think the officers should be able to always see the state name and if they see any plate with anything but Arizona on it, they should pull them over and verify where they actually reside and if they reside in Arizona part time or full time, collect the revenue for not registering their car in this state.”

“I just read in the Vent that out-of-state license (plates) are exempt. That is very interesting as my son was just given a citation for having the ‘Arizona’ not being visible on his plates as he was driving back to college in New Mexico!”

“So Chandler’s mayor got a brand-new car because they were having lots of problems with maintenance on (the old one). Maybe they should just get a new mechanic, one that knows what they are doing.”

“Let’s stop all of this complaining about Chandler buying Mayor Dunn buying a new car. I think he should be driving a Cadillac — a 1982 Cadillac.”

“I’m so glad that Chandler has gotten a new car for Mayor Boyd Dunn and it has all of the upgrades. After all, we want a first-class vehicle for our first-class mayor.”

“Wow, with all the talk of the Big Three going under, the bailout that will cost taxpayers billions, and what can be done to save the American auto industry, Chandler buys their mayor a new Toyota. Why? Because the Chevrolet he was driving fell apart long before it should have, that’s why. Big Three, take note!”

“My son is in Iraq fighting for the rights of some puke who calls himself a journalist to be allowed to insult my president. The irony is that my tax money paid to protect that right.”

“Phoenix sports fans disappointed me again. After 20 years, the (Arizona) Cardinals win the division and they sell their tickets to the Vikings fans.”

“Regarding the vent I sent and you printed last month, I want to thank A.J.’s (Fine Foods)! I noticed yesterday that the workers hauled the trash in a garbage bin on a dolly rather than a grocery cart. Nice to know someone actually takes my advice, tell that to my wife!”

“I am a 71-year young senior citizen and love it when the Mesa firemen work out at my gym. Don’t stop, eye candy.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t come to your party Saturday night (Vent, Saturday). But, hey, it’s your party and you can cry if you want to, cry if you want to…”

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