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The Vent: April 5

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Posted: Tuesday, April 5, 2011 11:25 am

“Sarah Palin says that she is now an expert on illegal immigration because she says that she can see Mexico from her daughters’ kitchen window at her house in Maricopa.”

“The Arizona legislature has decided to charge a $50 fee for only childless AHCCCS members if they have diabetes or smoke because they think they have unhealthy habits. Why aren’t members with children being charged the $50 fee if they are showing their children how to live unhealthy lifestyles by smoking or overeating around them? And how can these parents afford to buy cigarettes and junk food if they are poor? I think these are legitimate questions that need to be answered before giving exemptions to AHCCCS members with children. All members living an unhealthy lifestyle should be charged an extra $50.”

“No, we’re not all in favor of the illegals busting across the border. Who will join with me to form a political action group ‘Hispanics for Legal Immigration?’ ”

“Letter writer DJ Diebold uses much of his time stirring the public opinion pot. Sometimes I scratch my head trying to understand his logic. Most times I disagree, but sometimes I agree with his opinion (last week). This diatribe against the state legislators about taking ‘millions of dollars’ from the National Rifle Association is over the top. It is close to slander. I have seen no evidence that any of the lawmakers has become a millionaire recently. In addition, wouldn’t you suppose that the NRA has bigger ‘fish’ to fry than some local yokels? It is time for Diebold to put up the evidence, or shut up the rant.”

“Add Donald Trump to the list of losers for the Republican candidate for President. Maybe he can get rid of our huge debt by doing what he is a master at, filing bankruptcy.”

“Is there anybody who still believes that Obama was born in America? He is leading three Muslim wars now, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya. He is all for ‘protecting’ their people from invasion and their borders while the Arizona Border is a sieve. Just recently, 710 pounds of marijuana was found in south Mesa. Did the 36, twenty-pound bundles ‘frisbee’ themselves across the border, or were they carried over in backpacks by 36 Mexican illegal aliens?”

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