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The Vent: Nov. 23

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Posted: Friday, November 23, 2012 9:15 am

“CBS channel 5 always says they tell it like it is and to stay tuned to the 10 o’clock news to get the story. Why can’t they give us the story at 6 a.m., noon or 5 p.m.? Why is it always the 10 p.m. news?”

“For the life of me, I cannot understand why people around here build fires every time the weather dips below 80 degrees! Put on a sweater for crying out loud! We already have the second worst air pollution in the country! That’s right, Maricopa County has the second worst air quality in the nation, having beat out Los Angeles this year.”

“I don’t know why Arizona Senator Genghis McKhan doesn’t become secretary of state. He shows a lot more interest in that than the U.S. Senate or economy. With his smash hit “Bomb, Bomb Iran” and wanting to arm every rebel in the northern hemisphere, he could cut an album and go on tour, but it’s hard to play a guitar with a clenched fist.”

“If all the people across the country signing petitions for their respective states were really serious about big change they would be circulating petitions to call for a Constitutional Convention, which is an accepted way of adding amendments to the Constitution and pass the 28th Amendment requiring Congress to live under the same laws as the rest of us, and then a 29th Amendment setting term limits for Congress. That would bring about some real compromise and reform.”

“WalMart should fire any worker who does not show up for any shift that he/she is assigned to work. No matter if it is on a holiday or not. Many of us ‘blue collar’ and lower level ‘white collar’ workers have had to miss Easter dinners, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day gift openings under the tree, graduations, confirmations and other family events over the years. We were just grateful that we had a job, any job, during the hard times like the recession that America is in today.”

“Congratulations to the 30 new American citizens who took the oath of citizenship last week. They were from India, Iran, Afghanistan, France, Peru, Poland, Kosovo, as well as other countries. They recited the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time as Americans. Most had been working toward citizenship for years with it taking one man 24 years to gain his citizenship. All were extremely grateful to be Americans and to have the freedom of living in the United States. Now I ask: Why is it OK for illegal aliens to come from Mexico and then demand citizenship? They march and demonstrate demanding the right to live here, but they have not earned the right. They have not gone through the proper channels and procedures to gain citizenship as the 30 new citizens did. Amnesty should not be given to people who have come here illegally. Our borders need to be secured before anything else is done to try to fix the immigration problems.”

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