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The Vent: Dec. 19

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Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 8:47 am

“What will Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman say about the shootings at Newtown, Conn.? Will we finally get serious about keeping assault weapons out of the hands of kooks? Or will we continue the string of assaults starting at Columbine, winding through Tucson, then back to Denver and now to Connecticut? I bet we continue acting like the kooks we spawn.”

“They all go on about your right to own a gun. But when was the last time your granny saved the day by taking out the emotional train wreck who tried to assassinate her at the mall. Normal people don’t get involved in fire fights. When our youngest children go to school then end up dead during the course of the morning lesson because of your right to own a gun, the time has come to deny you that right. This is not the Wild West. Time has moved on and so must we.”

“How ironic it is that the liberal Left that supports abortion is now claiming it’s the members of the NRA that have blood on their hands.”

“Leftists may loathe America’s ‘Leave It to Beaver’ days, but no one walked into schools in those times and started shooting — and there were plenty of guns around then. In fact, fully automatic weapons were still legal to own 50 years ago.”

“When sick people like this do these type of things, they are after publicity and of course our media people just give them all the publicity in the world. The news takes this story and beats it with a stick. I feel sorry for the parents of these children, but I feel we should not give the criminals what they want, which is publicity. I don’t think they should be aloud to plead insanity but be put to death immediately.”

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