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The Vent: June 5

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Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 8:12 am | Updated: 11:21 pm, Tue Jun 11, 2013.

“Gloat. Gloat. Gloat. Randy Parraz and Lilia Alvarez: I was getting sick of seeing your seedy signature-gatherers lurking around the Mesa Library. We like Joe because he ‘gets ‘er done’ in spite of Obama, the Arizona Republic and the Courts. I just wish he was about 50 years old so we could look forward to 40 years with him as sheriff.”

“For ‘Whaaaandy’ Parraz: If you really want a better Arizona pack your bags move to Mexico and take all your illegal parasites with you!”

“I wonder how many of the signatures to recall Sheriff Joe were from illegals? The man does a great job.”

“Happy to see that the Latino special interest groups could not obtain enough signatures to try and oust Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He has been doing his job on illegal immigration. If our incompetent government hadn’t ignored the mass illegal invasion and greedy big business hadn’t hired the cheap labor, we would not be having this conversation or so much turmoil in this country.”

“If I were arrested in Mexico on drug charges, I wonder if Sen. Jeff Flake and U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon would come to my defense even though I am not a Mormon.”

“Sen. John McCain has a photo taken in Syria with a Syrian kidnapper, then he wants to arm the kidnapper, calling him a good guy. It the perfect conspiracy for 2014, just blame Pres. Obama and call it farce & furious.”

“John McCain wants to help Syria, I get it. We’ve been there done that. We send the rebels weapons and they end up in the wrong hands. We end up in another war we can’t pay for. Election time rolls around and it’s ‘game on’ for the blame game.”

“Breaking: Spelling Bee won by kid with unpronounceable name.”

“People who say that a Hispanic or Black person is less intelligent than a Caucasian are racist, and condemned by society. However, every news station in the Valley has now reported the “News” that a person who is overweight is perceived as less intelligent than everyone else, and that concept is perfectly ok to believe and act upon. Tell me, who is there that stands up for the rights of ‘overweight’ people, the new second class citizens in America?”

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