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The Vent: December 1

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Posted: Saturday, December 1, 2007 3:20 am | Updated: 6:19 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“Tina Tatum gets maybe a measly year of jail time and a lifetime probation for the public and violent beating of her son in Wal-Mart? She already was on lifetime parole. How many of her children’s lives does Tina Tatum have to endanger for her to actually be punished?”

“The no-borders Bush venter (Tuesday) should drive down between San Diego and Arizona and see the border fence under construction, and then shut up.”

“Build the wall, Bush. Build the wall, Bush. Build the wall, Bush. Build the wall, Bush. Build the wall, Bush. Build the wall, Bush.”

“The African woman with nine children caught trying to bring in monkey meat is a perfect example is why we need to close all of our doors for good.”

“A barking dog is only doing its duty. What better way to warn people that something not normal is going on, therefore preventing a robbery, murder or whatever?”

“We need more gunfire. Gunfire keeps criminals away. Let’s have more of the sounds of guns going off.”

“It is not a Hitler system that regulates what businesses can do… However, there are OSHA laws. There are fair labor laws. There are fair trade laws. And there are anti-trust laws. And there are anti-pollution laws. There are times businesses must be told to what do, if you have an administration willing to enforce these laws.”

“I’m reading the Vent and it says that people on welfare are not able to work, which is true, some of them aren’t. But about 98 percent of the people on welfare are young mothers that let all of these lazy bum men move in with them.”

“One thing is for sure. The truth will never be printed by the Tribune. “Freedom,” 11/25/07 (Perspective), it looks like not one of your writers ever read a history book and are advocating a return to sweat shops and servitude as a way of life in this country, which was the case before World War II.”

“To the venter (Sunday) who believes our next president should hate cell phones, drink, smoke and carry a gun, you not only made me laugh, you actually made me think.”

“The 2008 presidential election isn’t what is really concerning people nowadays. It’s the 2009 deadline for broadcasters to go digital. That is what has people really scared.”

“The prisoner education program at Rio Salado Community College (Tribune Business, Monday) is a great taxpayer program for the least deserving. I wonder how many law-abiding citizens would like a free (associate) degree.”

“There’s 9,000 kids in the Mesa schools that can’t speak the English language (Tribune, Monday). That’s ridiculous. They shouldn’t allow kids into school until they can speak the English language. It just holds everybody else up.”

“My friend and her family came here from Argentina when she was a teenager. My friend is now the chief accountant at one of the major resorts in the Valley. Her mother, who never learned English, stayed in the laundry at the resort her whole career… If you don’t teach them English, they are going to stay in the lowest work.”

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