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The Vent - December 18

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Posted: Monday, December 18, 2006 4:48 am | Updated: 2:42 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

“We may be paying zero dollars for holiday decorations in downtown Mesa, but we’re paying at least $100,000 more than other cities to televise Mesa City Council meetings. No wonder we can’t afford decorations or parades.”

“Gilbert homeowners should be worried about the apartment building boom. Just look at Mesa. When you have less stable families moving in, your schools are greatly impacted, and Gilbert values its schools and education.”

“With all of the gang problems and the other issues in Chandler, it’s amazing to me they are concerned about going after people selling potentially dirty corn. Give me a break. Let the buyer beware.”

“Mesa better think twice about building homes east of the Williams Gateway Airport because if Boeing closes down they won’t have any people to move into these homes.”

“We want to send our condolences for the family of Sen. (Tim) Johnson for the suffering he has had to go through with his brain surgery. However, it is remarkable to note how improved medicine has become and they are able to do microsurgery so rapidly.”

“Abstinence doesn’t work. Just like Prohibition didn’t work.”

“If, in the next presidential election, the only choices we have are John McCain and Hillary Clinton, believe me, this country is hurting.”

“Regarding the government trying to stop the melting of pennies and nickels, once again the government is making sure that poor people with only pennies remain poor people with only pennies.”

“It is the friction caused by the hands being rubbed together when you wash your hands and rinse them under water that rids your hands of bacteria and viruses. It has nothing to do with the soap.”

“How can house prices be so high? After all, we have all of that wonderful immigrant labor working on them. I thought that was supposed to keep the prices down, or have we been lied to by the Tribune and everyone else who is so pro-illegal immigrant?”

“I just got a Spanish door hanger on my door. I can’t read a word of it but the phone number and a name. I’m a U.S. citizen... It should be in English before Spanish or none at all.”

“When Mexican citizens living in the U.S. outnumber American citizens, will they treat us as well as they’ve been treated?”

“I have come to the conclusion that we need to go back to the Tower of Babel days and God can come in and change everybody’s language to where we cannot understand anybody. The bombs will stop and the fighting will stop because nobody understands what anybody says.”

“The people in the Louisiana are finally get it right. At a recent fundraiser auction, a chance to dine with Gov. Kathleen Blanco sold for only $1. Likewise, I wouldn’t give two cents to dine with that New Orleans mayor, who was the true cause of the most of the suffering from (Hurricane Katrina).”


“When there are emotional and religious strong beliefs at hand, why does the former naval officer and senator (John McCain) think throwing more troops into Iraq is the answer?”

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