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The Vent: March 27

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Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 11:12 am | Updated: 2:37 pm, Wed Mar 27, 2013.

“Hey, Mesa! How about not ripping up Broadway until you’re finished with Southern? But no, that would make sense!”

“Atheist activist Michael Newdow, and atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), are suing the United States Treasury Department to remove the words ‘In God We Trust’ from all U.S. currency. Calling our money discriminatory simply because it contains our national motto — ‘In God We Trust’ — which they claim is offensive to nonreligious citizens.”

“Republicans have crossed over the line. They have put party before country, party before veterans, party before women, and party before the most precious thing thing this country has, small children. They are like a cancer destroying the host, the only difference is a cancer doesn’t know what it’s doing.”

“Regarding North Korea’s recent saber rattling/threats: Would someone call Dennis Rodman and tell him that Kim Jong-Un needs a hug and a bedtime story?”

“I have 45 years of federal employment. Scare tactics again on sequestration — all (Department of Defense) and civilian offices to have minimal personnel take leave of one day a month. Offices operate with no loss of service. Some vary in one day a week — until... Who gets hurt? Not the high rolling civil service folks nor the public. Sequestration ends soon? The federal government needs to cut wasteful spending.”

“Sen. Portman has changed his position on gay marriage because he found out his son is gay. Just a thought — if his son tells him he likes to molest children, will he then think it is okay for men to molest innocent children and fight for child molester’s rights? A parent should love their children no matter what, but accepting everything they do and trying to change laws to suit current trends is wrong! I will never understand why a person feels the need to ‘come out’ to the public and admit that they are gay. Being gay is a sexual preference or lifestyle and should be kept personal and private!”

“There will always be those who believe teachers are underpaid no matter what, but the numbers don’t lie. Mesa Public Schools is the largest district in the state. While higher then the state averages, the average MPS teacher has taught 14-plus years and earns $54,000-plus a year. As for student loans, most of the people working at Starbucks are trying to pay theirs off too.”

“Kudos to the person who wrote in the March 20 edition regarding teacher pay. I will quote partly here: ‘If teachers can’t figure out how to live on a salary that is nearly double the average salary for the general population of Mesa, how are they smart enough to teach children?’ Let me point out that our teachers work 5-6 hours a day with the children, not 8 due to computer lab, library, etc. Also we have only 180 school days per year, add to that perhaps 10 days of in-service and you then have only work time of nearly one-half of the year. If you take into consideration that the average salary for Mesa is $54,398 and the true hours that the techers actually work, folks, their salaries are greater than our physicians. lawyers, etc., with the teacher’s degrees not nearly as difficult to achieve. No new or renewed taxes for teacher salaries. We can’t afford it!”

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